Phonak Hearing Aids

When you can hear clearly, life seems simpler. Phonak believes that your hearing aids should work for you ─ simple as that. When you browse through the Phonak line of hearing aids, you’ll find a collection of products that not only offer crystal clear hearing quality, but are also stylishly designed. Individuals across California love these hearing aids, and you can find a pair for yourself at Valley Hearing Center.

The Phonak Hearing Aid Collection

Phonak has designed its extensive range of hearing aids with you in mind. That’s because they collaborated with real-world hearing aid users in order to meet and even exceed their needs.

The Phonak Marvel offers a clear and rich sound experience, as well as other convenient features like rechargeable batteries, smart device connection, and more. The Virto B-Titanium is as attractive as it is discreet. This ITE hearing aid can be adjusted to fit your degree of hearing loss. The CROS-B was designed to help you hear more while in busy environments. This powerful hearing aid automatically switches to the best possible setting for your listening situation.

The Benefits of Using Phonak Hearing Aids

Don’t let hearing loss keep you from doing what you love. The Phonak line is designed to help you live life to the fullest. With Phonak hearing aids, enjoy great benefits like:

  • Moving dynamically from different listening situations with no interruptions in hearing quality.
  • Speech signals are sent from one hearing aid to the other, ensuring that you always hear with both ears.
  • Different models are offered in over-the-ear and in-the-canal designs and can be had in a myriad of colors allowing for personalization.
  • Powerful apps for your favorite smart devices make using your hearing aids simple and enjoyable.

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Simplify your life while enjoying a fuller range of hearing with Phonak. If you’re interested in this brand of hearing aid, we invite you to schedule a hearing exam with us. With seven convenient locations across California, it’s easy to see us today!