Lyric Hearing Aids

What if there was a hearing aid that was totally invisible? That lets you wear it for months at a time without issue? You might not believe us, but it exists! Lyric is a truly revolutionary design that simplifies your life and changes your relationship with hearing aids. Now you can find a pair of these amazing hearing aids for yourself at Valley Hearing Center, serving the Salinas, Hollister, King City, and Monterey areas.

Lyric In-the-Canal Hearing Aid

Lyric makes use of incredible microengineering and hearing technology to create a hearing aid that is so svelte and compact, you’ll likely forget you’re wearing it. Using a highly pliable foam to fit deep in your ear canal with comfort and ease, Lyric uses the natural shape of your ear to amplify sound, offering a remarkably clear hearing experience.

As a Lyric-certified hearing professional, the audiologists at Valley Hearing Center can carefully place this hearing aid near your eardrum, making the hearing aid disappear. You’ll never see Lyric, even if someone is actively looking for it.

Why Lyric is Different

There are plenty of different in-the-canal hearing aids out there from any number of manufacturers. So what sets Lyric apart? It’s the incredible list of benefits it has to offer:

  • Completely invisible. Lyric disappears from view once it’s placed in your ear, making it the most visually pleasing hearing aid out there.
  • Months of uninterrupted hearing. You can wear Lyric for months at a time, even during activities like exercise and showering.
  • Uncompromised sound quality. You’ll experience clear, rich, and natural sound all day as you wear them. 


See Us for Hearing Loss Treatment

If you’re looking for a hearing aid that isn’t a distraction, Lyric might be right for you. Schedule an appointment with our hearing loss treatment specialists today and ask about Lyric.