An Extensive Selection of Digital Hearing Aids in California

When it comes to offering the finest in high-tech hearing aids, assisted listening devices, and other auditory products, Valley Hearing Center in California is proud to give all of our patients the selection they need to make a choice that’s right for them. And, when you come to us for a hearing aid replacement in California, you’re guaranteed the right fit and feel for 30-days!

Take a look at our extensive selection of cutting-edge products and how we can help you find the one that will help you improve your quality of life for the better.

  • Hearing aids:

    Valley Hearing Center carries the most extensive selection of hearing aids in the area, from all of the top-name industry leaders. Our hearing aids encompass all types of models, designed to help with a variety of hearing loss issues. From mini behind the ear (BTE) models, to completely in-canal (CIC) options, we’re dedicated to helping you select a hearing aid that fits your needs and wants. We also specialize in new-age digital hearing aids, helping you to match a hearing aid style to your unique hearing loss.

  • Assistive listening devices:

    From clocks to phones and everything in between, if you need an assistive listening device to accommodate your lifestyle, we’ll help you find it! We understand that your life is full of sounds you need to hear, so we’ll do our best to provide you with the assisted listening devices you need to go about your day in the simplest way possible.

  • Custom earmolds:

    Wearing a hearing aid shouldn’t be uncomfortable and at Valley Hearing Center, we’ll make sure that it isn’t. We have the capabilities to mold your device to fit the exact shape and contour of your ear, giving us the privilege of outfitting you with an easy-to-wear device that’s both comfortable and uniquely yours.

  • Musician earplugs:

    When you need to hear pristinely and accurately as a musician, Valley Hearing Center can help to outfit you with musician earplugs. These special plugs reduce sounds evenly, allowing you to hear exactly what you’re playing, at a level that allows you to distinguish the sounds you need to hear. You’ll hear your notes blend together better, without compromising the overall experience of playing in harmony or with a large group.

Along with our selection of amazing products, Valley Hearing Center is proud to stock options from several of the finest brands in production today. Take a look at just some of the brands producing industry-leading hearing aids in California:
  • Oticon-Opn
  • Oticon:

    Offering better hearing capabilities with less fatigue, Oticon hearing aids are among the most well respected devices in the industry. This superior brand offers exceptional speech clarity, directionality, and connectivity, giving you a brand new sense of sound no matter where you go with an Oticon hearing aid. We support all models from Oticon including Oticon Opn S™.

The Opn S is highly advanced and allows you to break free from the restrictions that hearing loss can put on you. Feel like part of the conversation, even in difficult hearing environments. Every Opn S hearing device includes:

  • The ability to understand speech like a person with normal hearing.
  • Improved technology that offers a 360° sound experience that allows you to hear relevant sounds around you.
  • Simple, wireless connectivity to your favorite devices.
  • OpenSound Optimized technology that can detect and prevent annoying whistling before it even happens.

Live in the now and leave difficult hearing in the past! Sound good? Find out more at Valley Hearing Center!

And many more including:

  • Unitron:

    Clear sound, intuitive fit, and automatic listening adjustments make Unitron a world leader in hearing aids. Offering optimal sound across a variety of channels, Unitron hearing aids eliminate uncomfortable noises and give users a “whistle-free” experience at all times.

  • Phonak:

    Modernity is a staple of Phonak hearing aids and today, this brand produces some of the most lightweight, user-friendly devices on the market. Far and above simply offering crystal clear sound and dynamic listening experience, Phonak also offers Lyric extended wear devices — which are invisible to the naked eye and comfortable at all times.

  • Starkey:

    Plenty of wireless and digital hearing aids available that work and connect directly with your iPhone via the TruLink App. Behind-the-ear, invisible, and in-the-ear products are just a few that we support!

If you’re ready to make your hearing aid or assisted listening device selection, do so at Valley Hearing Center in California, where you’ll get the assistance you deserve, guided by friendly professionals who want to help you get the best listening experience possible. Call us today at (833) 201-3998 to make an appointment or to inquire about the products we offer!