How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Hearing Aid?

a hearing aid being professionally repaired under a magnifying glass

Hearing aids are truly incredible devices. Giving people the chance to hear properly in extreme cases of hearing loss, tools like this can give a person a new lease on life, enabling them to do things that they thought were impossible in the past. Of course, though, while these devices are worth every penny you spend on them, it’s always worth considering the cost of repairs when you are choosing your hearing aid. Here at Valley Hearing Center, we’ve worked with countless hearing aid manufacturers, and this enables us to provide a unique insight into the amount they can end up costing in the long-run.


The very first element of this to consider is the warranty that you get with your hearing aid. You need to make sure that your hearing aid comes with more than just a warranty, though; the manufacturer needs to be one that will honor it. Spurious companies from overseas will be very hard to chase if your hearing aid breaks, and you need to make sure that you’ve picked a brand with a good track record of looking after their customers.

Alongside making sure that the company will honor your warranty, you also need to make sure that it covers as much as possible. Most warranties exclude damage caused by the user, but things like wear and tear and manufacturing faults should be covered. This means that you can have repairs made for free as long as you didn’t cause the damage in the first place.

Warranties can range from being a single year to spanning a decade; it depends on the company you choose. You can often also buy extended warranties for your hearing aids, though, and this makes it possible to keep yourself protected for longer. Extended warranties can come from either the manufacturer or a third-party, making it well worth researching your options to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.


Like just about any expensive device on the market, you can buy insurance that will protect your hearing aid. The level of cover you get will greatly influence the value of a service like this, making it well worth looking for options that offer repairs and replacements as quickly as possible. You will have to make a claim if your hearing aid breaks or is damaged, but the right insurance company will make it nice and easy to get the help you need.

Out-of-pocket costs

If you don’t have the level of cover outlined above, there’s quite a high chance that you will need to pay for the repairs or replacement yourself. Repairs are almost always cheaper than replacements with devices like this, as most companies design them to be long-lasting. Of course, though, the type of repair you have to get will dictate the price you have to spend on it.

Across the US, you can expect to pay between $300 and $400 to replace mechanical elements of your hearing aid. This includes the microphone, speakers, and anything else that keeps the device working. The brand and type of hearing aid you choose will change this, as some hearing aids use cheaper parts than others. Of course, though, the bulk of this cost is for the professional that performs the replacement.

Getting a new plastic mold for your hearing aid can be a lot more expensive than the internal components, often costing upwards of $500. Batteries and other essential parts will be much cheaper than this, though, and this makes it worth talking to your audiologist to make sure that you’re not overlooking an affordable hearing aid repair option.

Living Without Your Hearing Aid

Most people can’t afford to buy a spare hearing aid for themselves, and this means that you may have to live without one until you’re able to get yours back. Some companies offer rental devices that can help with this, though these are unlikely to be as good as the hearing aid you’re used to. It’s always worth making sure that you won’t find yourself in a bad position without your hearing aid before you send it off to be repaired.

Here at Valley Hearing Center, our expert team of audiologists has a wealth of experience when it comes to hearing aid repairs. Not only can we help you to fix devices like this, but we can also support you when you’re choosing them and working to maintain them into the future. If you’d like to get started with your hearing aid, give us a call at 831-240-4162 and we’ll be happy to do whatever we can.