smiling gentleman wearing professional hearing protection

Choosing the Right Hearing Protection for Your Activity

Your ears are sensitive to sounds above 70dBs. Prolonged or short burst exposure to high volumes can cause irreparable damage. Therefore, it is essential that you protect your ears at all times when necessary. There are many reasons why you can lose your hearing. But almost all hearing loss is preventable by taking simple actions […]

man in his garage cutting wood while wearing yellow over the ears protectors

How Employees Can Protect Their Hearing at Work

One of the biggest causes of premature hearing loss is loud noise exposure. If you are constantly exposed to loud noises, the hair cells in your ear that pick-up sound become overworked and will die.  Many workplaces are very loud – being in these environments for long periods may increase the risk of hearing loss. […]

three colorful earplugs sitting on black table

What Are Some Comfortable Earplugs For Musicians?

Many musicians – most, in fact, will develop music-induced hearing loss to some degree due to their significant levels of exposure to high levels of sound. It is not something limited specifically to the musicians themselves, but all professionals in the industry from recording engineers, DJ’s, audio engineers and so on. They too are at […]