two patients looking at a premium hearing aid device on a display stand

How to Charge and Clean Your Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is a critical device when you have hearing loss. It can compensate for the loss of pitch, volume and sound location. As a result, it is essential to your quality of life and keeping you safe. You rely on your hearing aid and must consequently take care of it. It’s a good […]

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Signs That You Are Wearing an Ill-fitting Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are the best way to treat hearing loss. In most cases, an audiologist will be able to recommend the best hearing aid for your needs. However, sometimes patients end up with an ill-fitting hearing aid. It is important that you get your hearing aid refitted if you think this may be the case. […]

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What Is It Really Like Using Hearing Aids?

If your audiologist has recommended hearing aids, you might be eager to learn more about what it is like to use them. Some people can feel nervous about wearing hearing aids, but they are a necessary part of maintaining excellent hearing health while also having physical and mental benefits for the wearer. If you want […]

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How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Typically Last?

Keeping your hearing aids well maintained is essential if you want them to function correctly. Changing the batteries regularly and replacing them when necessary is a central part of hearing aid care. However, a lot of people are unsure how long their batteries should last and how to know when they need to be replaced. […]

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Hearing Aid Features to Consider

Choosing hearing aids is something that can be a little tricky, as there are so many different elements of hearing aids to consider. You need to think about the kind of device that you want to use, as well as the features that the device can offer you. If you have never had hearing aids […]

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4 Tips for Selecting A Hearing Aid

When it comes to your auditory health, you don’t want to cut corners. It is important to do your research and find an audiologist that you can trust. The right audiologist can help you choose the right hearing aid for your situation and give you all the guidance you need to live your best life. […]

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What are the Side Effects of a Hearing Aid?

Using hearing aids can dramatically help you if you have forms of hearing loss. These advanced devices have the power to improve the quality of life you have and daily communication, enabling you to pick up with socializing activities and to enjoy your days once more. But it is also important that you need to […]

a hearing aid being professionally repaired under a magnifying glass

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are truly incredible devices. Giving people the chance to hear properly in extreme cases of hearing loss, tools like this can give a person a new lease on life, enabling them to do things that they thought were impossible in the past. Of course, though, while these devices are worth every penny you […]

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Is a Bluetooth Hearing Aid Worth It?

While hearing aids cannot give a person perfect hearing, their main purpose is to magnify sound vibrations entering the ear to help them hear important everyday sounds and follow conversations, making speaking with others an easier experience. The correct hearing aid can also help people to differentiate conversation among background noise in noisy environments, such […]