Bet You Didn’t Know Your Hearing Affected This

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Everyone understands how important their hearing is as one of the five primary senses. But despite this, not enough pay close enough attention to looking after their hearing. Long-term exposure to loud noises can eventually cause hearing issues, such as tinnitus or even hearing loss. Not only will you find it difficult to hear other people, but you can also encounter other problems that you might not be aware of, so here are some useful points on what your hearing can affect to give you a reason to take better care of it.

Physical Wellbeing 

Better hearing can give you the motivation you need to start exercising more, whether this is at the gym or as part of a team. For many people who experience hearing loss, they might not feel comfortable engaging in such activities as they are unsure of the impact their hearing ability can have. A study from Hear the World highlighted that 21% of respondents partook in some physical activity, whereas 34% claim they engaged with it at least once a week. Although change can be difficult to see at first, maintaining consistency will help improve your physical fitness and capabilities. 

Mental Wellbeing 

Increased physical activity can also influence your mental wellbeing, and as the hearing loss has been linked to several mental health issues, such as depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s, you will discover that improved physical performance will have a direct impact on your mental wellbeing and condition. Physical activity has proven to reduce the chances of mental health conditions, meaning the mental and physical benefits of good hearing ability are entwined. 

Better Relationships

It can be a struggle for partners and friends to have a fruitful conversation with someone who has or is experiencing hearing loss. As much as they care for you, they can get frustrated repeating themselves or talking loudly. If you take steps to protect your hearing or get a hearing aid to enhance your ability, you will find it easier to connect with other people, thereby improving your relationships and boosting your mental health, as you will not feel as lonely even in crowded environments. 

Enhanced Cognition 

A study from 2016 discovered that better hearing, whether through treatment for hearing aids, will help with your cognitive abilities. This is because people who experience hearing loss need to work twice as hard to focus on every sound, and this can make it difficult to follow the full conversation and commit too much mental energy to other aspects. With good hearing, you can remove this effort and focus your mental energy and brain functions on understanding and contextualizing speech, allowing you to respond and keep up with others. 

More Energy 

Similarly, as people with hearing loss are forced to expend a lot of energy each day to simply keep up with others, they can feel fatigued much faster compared to people who do not experience hearing loss. By finding a solution for better hearing, such as a hearing aid recommended by your audiologist, you will not feel as exhausted throughout the day. This lack of fatigue will have a positive effect on your professional and social life, allowing you to be your best self in all areas and increasing your creativity and productivity. 

Better Reactions

You may already know that hearing loss can reduce reaction times as you are not entirely aware of your surroundings. While someone with excellent hearing can hear cars or bicycles approaching from a distance, you may not realize until they are a few feet away, which can put you in danger if you are not careful. If you speak to an audiologist, you can find hearing aids that will help you become more aware of the environment, which can dramatically improve your reaction times. You may even find that you can do things much earlier than people without hearing aids.

Increased Confidence

Many people who have reported hearing loss have also talked about how it affects their confidence. They find it challenging to keep up with conversations and do not want to be a burden to their friends or family, so they do not engage like they would like to. This can affect their confidence in social and professional environments. The improved hearing gives them the chance to contribute to the conversation and keep up with discussions without the risk of mishearing information or asking people to repeat themselves.

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