a hand holding a premium hearing aid

What are the Side Effects of a Hearing Aid?

Using hearing aids can dramatically help you if you have forms of hearing loss. These advanced devices have the power to improve the quality of life you have and daily communication, enabling you to pick up with socializing activities and to enjoy your days once more. But it is also important that you need to […]

a hearing aid being professionally repaired under a magnifying glass

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are truly incredible devices. Giving people the chance to hear properly in extreme cases of hearing loss, tools like this can give a person a new lease on life, enabling them to do things that they thought were impossible in the past. Of course, though, while these devices are worth every penny you […]

a woman touching her hand to her ear

6 Noise Protection Tips for Workers

There are a lot of common working environments that force workers to put their hearing at risk. Building sites, factories, and warehouses are all great examples of this that are also very common, with those who work in places like this often having to struggle when it comes to dealing with their noise protection. This […]

a hand holding a blue hearing aid

Is a Bluetooth Hearing Aid Worth It?

While hearing aids cannot give a person perfect hearing, their main purpose is to magnify sound vibrations entering the ear to help them hear important everyday sounds and follow conversations, making speaking with others an easier experience. The correct hearing aid can also help people to differentiate conversation among background noise in noisy environments, such […]

a pair of standard foam ear plugs

A Quick Guide to Protecting Your Hearing

Looking after your hearing and your ears are vital as damage to the auditory system can be irreparable. Our auditory system is very delicate and susceptible to damage. One of the biggest causes of permanent hearing loss and tinnitus is excessive loud noise. However, even everyday sounds and environments can cause problems.  What is a […]

an audiologist is explaining the results of a hearing exam to her patient

How are Audiometry Tests Interpreted?

Audiologists use audiometry tests to verify the severity and type of hearing loss and give your audiologist the information required to determine the most appropriate course of action to manage your hearing issues. If you are unfamiliar with the result and chart or graph, you may find yourself at a bit of a loss. It […]