How Often Should Hearing Aids Be Adjusted?

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As with every piece of machinery or technology, hearing aids need to be adjusted from time to time. Like your car, computer and appliances, they need maintenance in order to stay in top shape for the longest possible time. As your hearing improves or declines, your audiologist will make suggestions and adjustments based on what you’re experiencing—or suggest replacing your hearing aids entirely.

If you have hearing loss in California, be sure to contact the audiologists at Valley Hearing Center – Salinas for help. We can introduce you to a wide range of hearing aids, as well as help you change your batteries and conduct basic maintenance, repair and adjustments.

Adjusting your hearing aids

Your hearing aids should be adjusted about once every six months to a year. Your audiologist will check the hearing aid and decide whether it needs reprogramming or adjustment, if it is still working in top condition and make any further suggestions to improve your experience.

You can also do a few adjustments at home that should help you maximize your hearing. First, be sure to change the batteries as soon as you notice a decline in volume, beeping or other indications that your batteries are dying. Check your owner’s manual for the right type of battery, or pop open the battery compartment and look to see which color-coded battery you’ll need.

Second, clean your hearing aids regularly. Since they go inside the ear, they’re subject to buildup from earwax and residue. Gently brush the outside of the hearing aid with a clean, dry cloth. If your device includes a dome (the rubbery round part that goes inside the ear), you can clean out the inside with a dry toothbrush.

Replacing your hearing aids

Generally speaking, you should completely replace your hearing aids every three to five years. That’s because technology vastly improves within that timeframe, so you’ll have better options available. However, if you’re experiencing issues with your hearing aids, you may want to replace them sooner.

When talking with your audiologist, consider whether your current hearing aids are still meeting all of your needs. Can you talk on the phone, hear while driving, hold conversations in crowded places and watch TV or movies? If you’re having any issues in those areas, it may be time to upgrade your hearing aids.

If your hearing aids are constantly in need of repair, that could also signal the need to replace them before the three- to five-year timeframe has ended. As always, ask your audiologist for their advice and device recommendations.

Address hearing loss in California

Valley Hearing Center has been Salinas’ top hearing center and hearing aid dispenser since 1963. Our center is devoted to patient care, and we’re passionate about helping you find the right assistive listening device that will maximize your hearing and enjoyment. We’ll help you understand your hearing issues and your options, and can even provide education for your family as they help you deal with hearing loss. Call or stop by today for an appointment and a free hearing test.

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