Rechargeable Hearing Aids vs. Disposable Batteries

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Hearing aids in California generally use either disposable button-size batteries or rechargeable batteries. Of the two types, disposable batteries continue to be the more common option, but this popularity hasn’t deterred hearing aid manufacturers from making rechargeable hearing devices. Rechargeable hearing aids make a lot more sense over tossing batteries when they run out of juice, but they’re not for everyone. The best thing to do before making a decision between the two options is gather some information and talk to your doctor.

Going through battery after battery seems wasteful to some hearing aid users, while others find them more convenient than rechargeable devices. Read on for a comparison of the two types of batteries for hearing aids in California.

Disposable batteries

When it comes to disposable (zinc-air) hearing aid batteries, you’ll notice they are available in four color-coded sizes. They are air-activated, which means they start working as soon as the color-coded tab is removed. Removing the tab allows oxygen to enter the battery, so don’t remove it until you’re ready to use the battery:

  • Battery life: Disposable hearing aid batteries are made to last five to seven days, depending on the size of the battery, the user’s needs, wear time, the type of listening environment and other factors.
  • Portability: There’s no need to travel with a charger if you’re using disposable hearing aid batteries. Just install new batteries in your hearing aids and be on your way.
  • Accessibility: With disposable batteries, you always need to have a spare set on hand. These batteries are no longer viable once they lose power. Purchase extra batteries from the internet, your local drug store, grocery store or wherever hearing aid services are offered in your area.

Rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable batteries are available for most standard styles of hearing aids, although a more accurate description would be “rechargeable hearing aid devices.” If you are interested in learning more about your rechargeable device options, schedule a time to talk to your hearing health professional:

  • No changing batteries: When you choose rechargeable hearing aids, you don’t have to change out the batteries every time they lose power. Hearing aid batteries are small. As such, not having to change batteries is a great benefit for those with dexterity issues or who lack patience.
  • Long life: Technology has come a long way. Today’s rechargeable hearing aids can be charged once a day and used up to 24 hours, depending on rate of use.
  • Economical: While the initial cost of rechargeable hearing aids may seem higher than disposable battery-operated devices, it will save you money in the long run. You don’t have to purchase new batteries regularly or buy a bunch at a time for fear of running out.
  • Easy to charge: Simply place your hearing aids into the charger while you sleep and wake up to fully charged devices.

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