The Latest in Bluetooth Hearing Aids

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Bluetooth hearing aids take advantage of the latest technology in order to provide their users with a multi-faceted and accessible listening experience. Could Bluetooth hearing aids in California be right for you? Whether you’re a gadget fiend or just learning to operate your new smartphone, this technology can open up a whole new world of accessibility.

How Bluetooth hearing aids work

Bluetooth uses radio waves to send signals between devices—if your car has wireless speakerphone technology, for example, you’ve used Bluetooth. For hearing aids, you might be able to connect them to your cell phone, tablet or smart TV. They’re typically controlled using an app on your phone or tablet, but can be paired with multiple devices (up to eight) at the same time. The connections are secure, and you never need to worry about accidentally pairing your hearing aids to a random device—they require a password to “talk” to any other devices. When you connect your hearing aids to a device, this allows them to send the audio directly into your hearing aids.

People love Bluetooth hearing aids because of their features, but one drawback is that they can be a drain on your phone and hearing aid batteries. Still, the technology is improving all the time, and experts predict that high battery usage will soon be a thing of the past.

Having a smartphone is a must when you have Bluetooth hearing aids, in order to control the volume and other features, but the apps are designed to be intuitive. Some apps will even track your hearing aids in case you lose them.

Popular Bluetooth hearing aids

Depending on your existing devices and individual needs, you’ll find that not every Bluetooth hearing aid in California will work for you. Some only pair with Apple devices, for example, while others require another device to convert the signal. Talk to your audiologist about which options would be best for your situation.

If you have an Android phone, you might like the Oticon Opn S or the Unitron Discover, both of which are Android-compatible. If you use both Android and Apple devices, the Unitron and the Phonak Marvel are able to stream sound to both types.

Our favorite pick is the Starkey Livio AI, which offers a wide variety of functions. Not only can you stream to Apple and Android devices, but you can control the hearing aids through the Thrive app, stream sound from phone calls and texts directly into your ears and even use a language translation feature to quickly translate your words.

Find hearing aids in California

When it comes to offering the finest in high-tech hearing aids, assisted listening devices and other auditory products, Valley Hearing Center – Salinas is proud to give all of our patients the selection they need to make a choice that’s right for them. When you come to us for a hearing aid replacement in California, you’re guaranteed the right fit and feel for 30 days. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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