How the Time of Day Can Affect Your Hearing

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If you’re a morning person, you probably enjoy waking up and taking in the sounds around you. Whether you’re listening to the birds chirping outside your window or the sound of the morning news on the radio, it might seem like your sense of hearing is at its best when you first wake up. It’s hard to say whether everyone’s hearing is better in the morning—and this is true of those who use hearing aids in California as well as those who don’t—but there are several factors that could contribute to a heightened sense of hearing in the early hours of the day.

Why hearing might be better in the morning

There are several things that can give people the sense that they can hear better during the early morning hours. Here are just a few of the reasons why hearing is often better when you first wake up:

  • Better focus: Oftentimes, our hearing is affected by our mental state, energy level and concentration. When you first wake up, you are likely more alert and have much better focus than you later in the day.
  • Less ambient noise: Noise from traffic and other people tends to intensify throughout the day, so a heightened sense of sound might simply be the result of less ambient noise. With a quieter environment, you are able to focus in on quieter sounds and pick up on noises that you might not be able to hear at other times of the day.
  • Fewer hearing aid issues: If your hearing is better in the morning before you put in your hearing aids in California, it’s a sign that your hearing aids are not performing the way that they should. Sometimes, hearing aid issues can obscure hearing and make it more difficult for people to discern different noises. Feedback, echoes, buzzing and ringing in your hearing aids are all strong indicators that you should have your hearing reevaluated and consider investing in new hearing aids in California that will improve your ability to hear throughout the day.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to hear better as the day goes on. First, you should make sure you have hearing aids that are right for you. Make sure they fit properly so you can maximize their performance. Next, try to take a few minutes throughout the day to rest your hearing and regain your focus. A few minutes of quiet time in the middle of a particularly hectic or busy day can improve your mental clarity, which can make it a lot easier for you to discern all of the sounds around you.

Get help with your hearing aids in California

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