Find Out About the Early Signs of Hearing Loss

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Aging is an inevitability, and unfortunately, sometimes hearing loss comes along with it. Unlike gray hair or that new wrinkle you just spotted this morning, you might not realize that you’re experiencing hearing loss right away. It’s not just a matter of having to turn up the volume on your television—there are many other subtle signs of hearing loss that can warn you earlier. Hearing loss in California tends to slowly creep up on people, and by the time you think about getting tested, you may have been compensating for years.

It’s important to get your hearing checked regularly, but it might also be time for a special audiologist appointment. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, schedule a hearing screening today:

  • It’s harder to hear high-pitched noises: If you’re having trouble hearing children’s voices or other high-pitched sounds, like the microwave timer, it could be a sign of hearing loss. As we age, we lose the ability to hear high pitches first.
  • Going out to crowded places is less appealing than it used to be: When you have trouble following a conversation in a noisy restaurant, bar or other venue, that may be an early sign of hearing loss in California. Most background noise is low-pitched, making it easier to hear than the high notes of your conversation partners.
  • You’re reading lips more often than not: Have you found yourself staring at people’s mouths instead of making eye contact? The brain has us compensate when one sense is dulled by using another. Many people find themselves reading lips to help fill in the blanks their hearing loss has created. We all know what people look like when they’re vocalizing certain sounds, which helps identify what they’re saying.
  • Social events are exhausting: It takes a lot of focus to fill in the blanks that your hearing loss has left. If you once enjoyed parties but now find them draining, it might not be a mood issue—it might be related to hearing loss.
  • You’re using a higher television volume, or using captions: If you find yourself constantly turning up the TV volume or suddenly needing to use captions, that could be a sign that your hearing is slowly fading.
  • Your ears feel clogged: It might just be illness, fluid or earwax, but the “clogged” feeling can also come from the muffled sensation of experiencing hearing loss. If this feeling persists well past any potential illness, you should schedule a hearing screening as soon as possible.

Do one or more of these symptoms sound familiar? Take charge of your hearing health and schedule an audiologist appointment.

Test for early signs of hearing loss in California

Have you noticed early signs of hearing loss? Valley Hearing Center is proud to provide free audio tests and video otoscopy exams to help determine if you’re in need of a hearing aid or assistive listening device. All of our tests are administered by licensed audiologists. Find out whether your hearing is diminishing and get help creating a plan when you schedule your hearing screening today.

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