What to Know About Swimming Earplugs

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We have all experienced the feeling of water rushing into our ear while enjoying a swim. Whether you are a competitive swimmer or just enjoy splashing around the pool with your family, earplugs are a great option. Even your children should wear earplugs in the pool, especially if they have ear tubes. If your child has an ear infection or has previously had surgery in their ears, swimming can pose a risk and earplugs should be worn!

Whether you are considering swimming earplugs for your child or for yourself, there are many benefits. At Valley Hearing Center in Salinas, Monterey, Hollister, and King City, we work hard to help you protect your hearing and ears. That is why we can create custom earmolds that allow you to get specialized swim plugs. With these custom swimming earplugs, you will be able to protect your ears every time you plunge in the pool or lake!

In this blog, we are going to talk about earplugs for swimming. Read on to learn more and contact us to schedule an appointment to get started on your custom earplugs for swimming.

Provides Ear Protection

Ears are highly sensitive to water, making earplugs extremely useful at protecting the ear when swimming or taking part in aquatic activities. If you or your child find them in the pool on a regular basis, it can lead to some problems. Repeated swims can lead to complications or cause severe ear problems. Some of these ear issues that can be caused by swimming include:

  • Otitis externa (aka swimmer’s ear)
  • Formation of earwax blockage
  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Blocked ear sensation
  • Buzzing in ears
  • Tinnitus
  • Echoing
  • Vertigo
  • Mycosis
  • Dizziness

When you wear earplugs while swimming, you can do a better job at avoiding these problems. This is one of the main benefits of wearing earplugs in the water. Protecting your ears is important and can help you avoid some serious issues.

Keep Ears Dry

Getting water in your ear while swimming or playing in the water can be a horrible feeling. When this water sits in your ear, it can lead to issues, like those listed above. When you choose custom earplugs, they will fit snug in the ear and stay secure while diving, swimming, jumping, and sliding, keeping your ears dry and ensuring you remain comfortable. When you keep your ears dry with the use of swimming earplugs, you can also prevent swimmer’s ear. Swimmer’s ear is caused by an irritation in the outer ear canal, which is generally caused by the ear being wet for an extended period of time.

Swimmer’s ear can often lead to other issues, such as itching, scaling, secretions, inflammation, pain, and hearing loss. Custom-molded swimming earplugs are the best way to keep ears dry and avoid chances of getting swimmer’s ear.

Soft and Comfortable

Earplugs that are designed to be used for swimming are flexible and soft. This means that they will be comfortable while you wear them. Especially when you choose custom-molded earplugs, they will sit in your ear perfectly and not cause you any discomfort. While you may think that earplugs can get uncomfortable and annoying while swimming, this will certainly not be something you need to worry about. The softness and custom fit help ensure that comfort is not an issue while you are swimming. This means you can protect your ears without giving up your comfort.

Great For Everyone

Swimming earplugs are not something that only competitive swimming or professional surfers should wear. Everyone can benefit from wearing earplugs while engaging in aquatic activities. When you get water in your ear, it can lead to many issues, so keeping your ears dry with earplugs is a great choice for everyone. From kids to older adults, investing in swimming earplugs can help ensure you protect your ears and keep them healthy for longer. If you spend time in the water, earplugs are a great choice!

At Valley Hearing Center, we can provide you with custom swimming earplugs. If you have experienced ear problems due to swimming or other water-based activities, it is time to take steps to protect your ears. Contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our California locations and keep your ears protected!

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