What Are Some of the New Advances in Hearing Aid Technology?

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Long, funnel-shaped and made out of metal, a “hearing trumpet” was the only hearing aid available to those suffering from hearing loss until about the 19th century. The hearing trumpet was large, bulky and almost cartoon-like, but despite the fact that it didn’t work all that well, it was the only “hearing aid” available at the time.

Today, we don’t have to use ear trumpets to help us hear better. In fact, hearing aids from even 30 years ago are vastly different from what’s available today. Thanks to advances in technology, the hearing aids of today have come a long way from the ear trumpets of the past. At Valley Hearing Center, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest advances in hearing technology in California. Here are some of the trends for 2019 that we’re really excited about.


Hearing aid designs for 2019 are more discreet than ever. Nearly all brands that we carry at Valley Hearing Center are either in the ear (ITE), completely in the canal (CIC) or invisible in the canal (IIC). These hearing aids are all sleek and extremely small, which means that no one needs to know you are wearing a hearing aid. For severe cases of hearing loss, a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid may be necessary, but even these more visible models are designed to be nearly indiscernible.


Nearly every gadget we have these days has Bluetooth technology. Our phones, TVs, computers and even our cars can boast wireless Bluetooth streaming—so why not our hearing aids? There are several manufacturers that are adding wireless Bluetooth streaming to their hearing aid devices. This means you no longer have to worry about not hearing the TV or a phone call. You can stream audio straight into your hearing aid without being connected to your device by a cable.

Smart adjustments

Thanks to technology, our homes, cars and even our refrigerators are all “smart” and can be managed from our smartphones. What if you could also manage your hearing aid using smart technology? Well, manufacturers are well on their way toward making this happen. Currently, if you need to make any audio adjustments to your hearing aid, you need to go in and see your specialist. Smart hearing aids would allow you to adjust your hearing aid from your phone. You could change your hearing aid’s volume, treble and bass all from an app on your smartphone.

Yes, we’ve come a long way from the hearing trumpet, and even from the bulky beige hearing aids people had to wear just a couple decades ago. Today, hearing aids have better sound quality, sleeker and more discreet designs and advanced technology to help connect you to the sounds around you better than ever before.

If you’re interested in exploring what’s new in the world of hearing aids, come see us at Valley Hearing Center. We are your premier spot for the latest in hearing technology in California. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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