The Best Smartphone Hearing Health Apps

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We’re living in the digital age, so it should come as no surprise that, when it comes to hearing health, like the old commercial says, “There’s an app for that.” This includes everything from decibel sensors to hearing aid controller apps.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best hearing aid apps we’ve found. While they’re no substitute for proper hearing checkups and the care of a medical professional, they may help alert you to problems or give you greater access to audio content. Contact Valley Hearing Center – Salinas, to schedule a free hearing test in California—and in the meantime, enjoy some of our favorite technology.

Decibel Sensor Apps

Decibel sensors monitor the ambient noise in your environment. A study from the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America found that many of the apps they tested do not actually meet the standard criteria for measuring noise levels. Of course, nothing is a substitute for a professional evaluation, but you can still use these apps to get a general sense of whether your home or work environment is too loud for your hearing health:

Hearing Aid Apps

The future of hearing aids is Bluetooth technology, which allows a user to pair and control their hearing aids from a multitude of devices. Instead of using traditional headphones, users can listen to music or other audio content as it’s beamed straight into their hearing aids. Many apps offer customized settings, too, so that the hearing aids can have different sound levels, or keep one ear “open” for outside noises:

  • ReSound Smart (for use with LiNX hearing aids, iPhone: free)
  • ReSound Control (for use with the Unite Phone Clip+, iPhone: free, Android: free)
  • TruLink (for use with Halo hearing aids, iPhone: free)
  • T2 Remote (for use with Bluetooth streaming devices, iPhone: free)
  • RemoteControl (for use with Bluetooth streaming devices, Android: free)

Amplifier Apps

Amplifier apps are exactly what they sound like: they increase the volume of noises around you so that you can hear them better. This is achieved through a variety of methods. Some apps use your microphone to listen to the noises around you, then amplify them through headphones, earbuds or hearing aids. Some can function like an equalizer, and still others claim to be able to focus on noises close up or far away, depending on your needs:

Hearing Screening Apps

Finally, hearing screening apps can alert you as to whether you need to visit a professional. They can’t take the place of a professional hearing screening, like the ones we offer at Valley Hearing Center – Salinas, but if you get a surprising result, that’s a sign it’s time for medical attention:

At Valley Hearing Center – Salinas, we offer a free hearing test so that you can learn more about your hearing and how to protect your ears. Apps are great, but there’s no substitute for professional medical attention! With four locations to choose from, you can get your free hearing test in California done in no time and start working toward better hearing and ear health. Contact us today to get started!

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