How to Recognize Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is typically gradual, occurring over several years. When something happens that slowly, you typically adjust, which can make it hard to identify that there’s a problem until the hearing loss is severe. In fact, on average, it takes most people about seven years to realize that they are suffering from hearing loss.

If you’re concerned that you may be losing your hearing, we’re glad that you’re here. As a trusted place for audio tests in California, we hope that these tips on how to recognize hearing loss will either motivate you to have your hearing tested or put your mind at ease.

“What did you say?”

If you find yourself constantly asking others to repeat themselves, it may not be that they are speaking too quietly or not clearly. The problem may be your hearing.

“Can you turn that up?”

If you find yourself constantly turning up the TV or the radio to hear what’s being said, you may be suffering from hearing loss. Another sign, if you live alone, is if, when people visit, they regularly ask you to turn your TV or radio down.

“I’d rather not talk on the phone”

If you find yourself avoiding answering the phone or making phone calls because the conversation seems difficult or it’s hard to hear the person on the other end of the line, you should have your hearing checked.

“I’d rather stay home”

Are you avoiding going places that you used to enjoy, like restaurants, parties or even the movies, because you can’t hear what’s going on? You aren’t becoming anti-social—it’s probably your hearing that’s getting in the way of your social life.

“Wait, who said that?”

Have you ever been involved in a group conversation and found yourself struggling to determine who said what? If you’re suffering from hearing loss, it can be hard to determine where specific sounds are coming from.

“I’m having a hard time listening”

Sometimes you may not think you are having a hard time hearing, but instead think you just aren’t listening. If you find yourself in conversations and “didn’t catch something” that was said, you may decide to smile and nod rather than asking that the person repeat themselves. This form of embarrassment or feeling like you are not listening may actually mean that you are not hearing well.

“I can’t understand what my child/grandchild is trying to say”

If you are losing your hearing, it can become difficult to hear high-pitched sounds, like a child speaking. It may not be your grandchild’s babbling that’s making it hard to understand what he’s saying—it may be your hearing loss.

If any of these symptoms sounds like you, then it’s time to get your hearing checked. Talking about hearing loss can be scary or embarrassing for some, but we promise that you will be happier and live better when you can more easily hear the world around you. To schedule an audio test in California, please call Valley Hearing Center to schedule an appointment today.

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