The Latest Innovations in Hearing Aids in California

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Millions of people across the country have hearing loss. Thankfully, there are more and more solutions designed to help those people experience better hearing. Innovative new technologies are being developed to address hearing loss with effective, reliable and discreet hearing aids.

If you are due for a hearing aid upgrade or you need to invest in your first set of hearing aids, read on to find out more about some of the new technologies you can expect in 2019.

New Hearing Aid Technologies

There are a lot of new technological developments that have the potential to improve the functionality and performance of hearing aids in the coming year. Some of these technological developments have not yet been released on the market, but they’re expected to be introduced by major hearing aid brands in the coming months and years.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve upgraded your hearing aids in California, consider a few of these amazing features that can improve the quality, consistency and convenience of your hearing aids and promote a better hearing loss solution.

  • AI integration: Artificial intelligence technology has had a major boom in recent years and is now incorporated into many consumer devices, including cell phones and digital home assistants. New hearing aids are being developed to maximize the abilities of artificial intelligence to improve hearing performance for users. Artificial intelligence will make it possible for your hearing aid to receive program upgrades remotely and adjust to external conditions to boost performance.
  • Biometric sensors: Biometric sensors are designed to be integrated into hearing aids to offer tracking of vitals and other important health information. These hearing aids can measure and track a number of important health indicators, including heart rate. These sensors are especially important for patients who have conditions including cardiac disease and diabetes.
  • Fuel cells: One of the technology developments that’s expected in the coming months is the use of fuel cells in hearing aids. These fuel cells enable remote charging without the use of batteries or charging cables. If fuel cell technology is integrated into new hearing aid models, it has the potential to make things much easier and more convenient for hearing aid users.
  • Android integration: Some hearing aid brands have already launched integration with Apple devices to improve convenience and increase functionality for users. This year, Android integrated hearing aid devices are expected to be released to increase functionality for an even broader group of hearing aid users who want to utilize smartphone integration.

Hearing Aids in California

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