The Benefits and Features of Modern Digital Hearing Aids in California

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Thanks to all of the advancements that have been made in technology over the years, attempting to find the right corrective hearing devices doesn’t have to be as daunting as it once was. In the past, many users chose not to wear their hearing aids, no matter how much they might have needed them, because they were large and obtrusive, or because hearing and understanding audio was still difficult due to excessive background noise. Fortunately, new digital hearing aids in California have provided modern solutions to these problems.

How do digital hearing aids work?

Digital hearing aids utilize a high level of technology to provide you with clear-cut, focused audio. Whereas previous models would elevate the volume of everything around you, including all of the background noise, modern hearing aids can focus on specific frequencies to help you hear what you need or intend to hear. Using microphones that are built into the hearing device, sound is transmitted to a computer-controlled chip that controls the volume of your surroundings with extreme detail. There are even some models that can eliminate the background noise altogether if you wish. Modern hearing aids are also small in size for a snug and discreet fit inside your ear canal.

You can also add a feature called hearing loop technology. A small-coiled wire that receives magnetic signals is added to the hearing aid, and then pushes sound directly into your ear for even more precise and localized sound. While these hearing aids tend to cost more than the standard corrective hearing devices, the convenience and comfort they offer are unmatched, and they are easily worth the investment.

Connecting with modern-day technology

One of the best features of these new-age digital hearing aids is their compatibility with the rest of the technology that you use in your everyday life. Higher-end hearing aids can sync with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology so that you are able to answer calls with your device and adjust the settings directly from your phone. With additional accessories that are supplied by the manufacturer, you can also sync your hearing aid to an MP3 player to enjoy your music right through the device. The days of straining to hear your favorite television shows are over, too, as some models can also be connected to the TV.

Dealing with deteriorating hearing can be difficult, but with modern hearing aids in California, this transition can be handled smoothly. To learn more about digital hearing aids and some of the designs and models that may work best for you, give us a call at Valley Hearing Center – Salinas. For over 50 years we have made it our mission to provide efficient and comfortable solutions to improve our patients’ hearing abilities, and we are ready to use our expertise and customer-first approach to find the best fit for you as well. To restore clarity and precision to your hearing with modern digital hearing aids, get in touch with us today to schedule your free hearing test.

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