The Most Common Causes of Muffled Hearing

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Whether you’re taking a walk outside, answering your phone or watching your favorite movie or TV show, your hearing is essential when it comes to how you interact with and enjoy the world around you. Hearing issues can have a number of negative effects, and if they go untreated, they can decrease your quality of life. To ensure that you don’t suffer from the negative effects of hearing loss, it’s important to understand some of the most common hearing problems and what you can do about them. Read on to find out more about muffled hearing, what causes it and what audiologists in Salinas, CA can do to help.

What is muffled hearing?

Muffled hearing makes it sound like you have cotton in your ears, and it can prevent you from hearing things clearly. In some cases, muffled hearing is caused by a buildup of ear wax or ear infections and will go away with the proper medical treatment. In some cases, muffled hearing is permanent and must be continuously treated. This is often the case for patients who have been exposed to some sort of trauma that damaged their eardrums. Muffled hearing can also be caused by tumor growth, fluid retention or other abnormal tissue growth in the ear.

The good news is that muffled hearing loss isn’t usually permanent. If you have a buildup of ear wax in your ears or have suffered an ear infection, a doctor can prescribe you medication or perform ear wax removal to clear your ear canal and restore your hearing to normal. However, muffled hearing can also be a result of permanent damage to your ears. If you’ve been exposed to loud noises for long periods of time (at your worksite, for example), you should get regular hearing tests to determine whether your eardrums have been damaged. The sooner you know about a hearing issue, the sooner you can treat it.

Hearing tests

The right way to address a hearing problem, no matter how small or significant it may be, is to seek help from audiologists in Salinas, CA. They will be able to determine what is wrong with your hearing and provide you with treatments and products to resolve the issue. Many audiologists offer free hearing tests so that you can understand what’s going on with your hearing and consider treatments and devices that will help you restore your quality of life. It’s a good idea to get a hearing screening once a year, especially if you have some of the risk factors for hearing loss.

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