Some Overlooked Signs That Your Hearing Is Failing

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Many people think that when their hearing begins to decline the signs will be obvious and distinct, but these are usually preceded by some more under-the-radar warnings that might not initially seem like cause for concern. Fortunately, your local audiologist in Salinas, CA is here to tell you about eight signs that your hearing is failing that are often overlooked:

  • Ringing ears: One of the most common symptoms of hearing loss is tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears. Tinnitus is often overlooked because it might not occur frequently during the early stages, or it only happens at certain times in response to specific activities.
  • You avoid phone conversations: If you are continually blaming your phone because you aren’t able to hear conversations clearly, the issue may actually lie with your hearing. Test the theory with a friend by seeing if they have the same difficulties hearing conversations on your phone.
  • Everything sounds like a mumble: Struggling to hear everyday conversations is another sign that your hearing could be on the decline. It isn’t likely that everyone you speak to has suddenly decided to mumble when they speak, and the reality is that the way that you hear words could be changing as your hearing begins to worsen.
  • Constant repetition: Someone with whom you speak a lot might point out that you are saying “what?” a lot during conversation. This is a clear indication that you are not hearing as well as you used to, so take heed if this is brought to your attention.
  • Hearing some people but not others: There might also be times when having conversations with several people creates problems because you can hear some of them well, but not others. This could be because your ears are no longer able to process higher pitched sounds as easily anymore.
  • You avoid going out: Difficulties with hearing can make a normal night out a pain. If you know that hearing will be a struggle in loud spaces that are filled with music and multiple conversations all night, you might not have any interest in going out at all.
  • Inexplicable fatigue: Believe it or not, straining to hear every day can take a toll on your entire body. You might find that you are more tired than usual because your brain has to work harder to understand what it is hearing.
  • Television volume: If you find yourself cranking up the television to hear the conversations on the screen over the background music or the air conditioner, you are likely dealing with hearing loss. If you are turning the volume up a little bit more each time you watch, it is time to schedule a hearing test.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, know that our team at Valley Hearing Center – Salinas is here to help. With our customer-oriented approach, we are dedicated to working with you to determine the best corrective options so that you can begin feeling like your normal self once again. To schedule an appointment with an audiologist in Salinas, CA who will always put the health of your ears first, give us a call right away.

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