What’s That Hissing Sound You Hear?

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Do you ever hear an inexplicable hissing sound in your ear? You may wonder if something is wrong with your hearing aid, your ears or the person speaking. If no one is around, you may wonder what could be making that noise. This is a common issue for those who wear hearing aids. Audiologists in Salinas, CA often field questions about this problem.

If you’ve ever experienced this phenomenon, it was probably caused by one of three reasons. These are all simple explanations that have no cause for alarm. If you have additional questions after learning about these causes, don’t hesitate to contact your audiologists in Salinas, CA.

Normal Conversation

Are you hearing that hissing sound when people speak? Hearing loss can cause people to miss the full “s” sound at the end of words. It sounds like a short sound, when it is actually a long one. Once your hearing is restored to full capacity with a hearing aid, this sound becomes clearer. The brain has to get used to hearing the “s” properly again, and it may sound like a hissing sound for a while.

Hearing Aid Feedback

The hissing sound could be caused by the receiver in your hearing aid. Do you hear the hissing when you are moving your mouth or when an object gets close to your ear? If so, this is likely the cause. Sounds can get picked up in duplicate by your hearing aid. This is referred to as feedback.

If your hearing aid is experiencing feedback, contact your audiologists in Salinas, CA. They can adjust the features of your hearing aid to eliminate the hissing noise or change how it fits in your ear to prevent future feedback.

The Sound of Silence

Are you hearing the hissing sound when you are sitting quietly with no conversation going on around you? This noise might be environmental sounds. In our modern world, there is rarely a true moment of silence. Fans, electronics, appliances and other technology that are constantly around us often make faint noises that we have learned to ignore. For those with hearing loss, these noises are often no longer heard. Once hearing aids make these sounds audible again, it may take some adjusting to learn to ignore them again.

Start to identify these noises so you can file them under “background sounds” and let your brain get used to them. In time, you will likely adjust to these environmental sounds and the hissing will no longer bother you.

Additionally, mention this to your audiologists in Salinas, CA. If the sounds continue to bother you, they can adjust your hearing aid to reduce the distractions.

Enhance Your Hearing

Whether you are experiencing hissing noises, a loss of hearing or other issues, the experts at Valley Hearing Center are ready to assist you. We offer customer-centric care that goes beyond that offered by typical audiologists in Salinas, CA. Our goal is to partner with you to provide the tools you need to feel your best. Contact us with any questions or to schedule your next hearing test today.

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