The Dos and Don’ts of Communicating with Someone with Hearing Loss or Hearing Aids in Salinas, CA

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Communicating with a person who has hearing loss can be quite challenging, and many don’t know how to properly go about doing this. Conversations can end in frustration, anger or sadness on both sides. To alleviate this stress, use the following tips when speaking with those who need hearing aids in Salinas, CA.


  • Use cues: Before you begin speaking, get the person’s attention. Simply launching into conversation can easily result in missed words and miscommunication. Say the person’s name or use a hand gesture to make sure they are cued into what you are saying before you begin talking.
  • Repeat: Be willing to repeat things you’ve said for clarification. Have patience and try rephrasing to add further information or explain your meaning. This will allow the person to catch up in the conversation and better follow what you are saying.
  • Move in: If a person has hearing loss and isn’t equipped with hearing aids in Salinas, CA, distance or noisy places can be difficult. If you are more than six feet away or are surrounded by clamor, move closer to the person with whom you are speaking so they are better able to hear you.
  • Act: Use more than words to communicate with someone who has hearing loss. Gestures and facial expressions that act out what you are saying can help convey meaning and enhance understanding.
  • Advise: If you notice someone is having a hard time following conversations due to hearing loss, advise them to visit a healthcare professional for testing. They could benefit greatly from hearing aids in Salinas, CA.


  • Slow down: The pace of your speech is not the problem. In fact, speaking more slowly can make lip reading harder.
  • Dismiss: If the person asks you to repeat yourself, don’t dismiss them with “never mind.” This excludes the person from the conversation and hurts their relationships.
  • Hide: Don’t cover your mouth when you speak. If a person needs hearing aids in Salinas, CA, they often rely on lip reading to help them follow the conversation.
  • Yell: When you yell, your voice and facial expressions change and they may no longer match the meaning of the words you are speaking. A person with hearing loss will no longer be able to rely on these nonverbal cues to understand what you are trying to communicate.
  • Barricade: Sound doesn’t travel well through doors or around corners. A person who may need hearing aids in Salinas, CA has a hard enough time hearing you face to face. Don’t try to talk to them from a different room.

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