Hearing Aid Donations for a Good Cause

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At Valley Hearing Center we are a part of many programs to promote healthy hearing and we also participate in a lot of community outreach to support different programs in our local area. The reason for this is because we believe that healthier hearing doesn’t have to be an impossible goal. We are here to serve our citizens and make our world a better place—one pair of ears at a time.

Not only are we committed to our local citizens, we are also involved in something that is on a much bigger scale that helps our global community. The Oticon Foundation and the Lions Club have both created programs to donate devices and services for those with hearing needs.

The Oticon Hearing Foundation strives to provide access to hearing care for people in need who may not be able to afford hearing technology. This hearing foundation specifically operates by supporting humanitarian endeavors that join hearing care professionals in a Community of Caring. To support hearing care professionals in their humanitarian endeavors, the Oticon Hearing Foundation has launched an initiative to help secure donations of gently used Oticon hearing devices.

The Lions Club International runs a program called HARP (Hearing Aids Recycling Program) that also accepts hearing device donations. These donated hearing aids are then upgraded, refurbished, and then given to people with hearing loss across the country. These people may otherwise never seek help for hearing loss because of the cost of a pair of hearing aids.

We are a part of both the efforts of The Oticon Hearing Foundation and the Lions Club International. Not only are we a Lions Club drop off center for discarded hearing devices, we also help fit donated hearing technology. We wanted to tell you about these incredible programs because we want to spread the word that hearing health should be a worldwide concern. It’s as easy as donating your old hearing devices, giving a few dollars, or donating your time to help the world become a better place.

At Valley Hearing Center we believe that hearing health equals overall health. Hearing loss is an issue that is often overlooked because of denial, but there are so many people out there that want to address their hearing issues and just do not have the resources to do so. Simply put, we are here to change that. Help us be a part of that change!

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