Wearing Hearing Aids in Salinas, CA Takes Some Getting Used To

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You want to hear better, so you have your hearing checked. If your audiologist says you could benefit from wearing hearing aids, and you agree, keep in mind that hearing devices may take some time to get used to. Maintaining realistic expectations is important for your long-term hearing health and wellbeing.

What you can expect

While some new hearing aid wearers adjust almost immediately to their devices, a majority of people need a few days or weeks to get used to hearing this way. The first thing most wearers notice is familiar sounds coming back. They hear forgotten sounds, both pleasant and everyday sounds like birds chirping, people laughing, large appliances humming, fresh brewing coffee or a knock at the door. This can be a lot to take in all at once!

On the downside, certain sounds can be unbearable at first. The bang of the washing machine drum, doors closing, high-pitched ring tones, even your own voice can seem excessively loud. Though annoying and surprising, this is normal for the first weeks wearing new hearing aids. Unbearable sounds will become less distracting as your brain starts to adjust.

Tips to help your ears adjust to hearing aids

Both you and your audiologist want your transition to hearing devices to go as smoothly as possible. Below are some tips to help you get used to wearing hearing aids in Salinas, CA:

  • Get used to the feel: Anyone new to wearing eyeglasses will have to get used to the arms and nose pads resting on their face. The same thing applies to hearing aids. At first, you may be able to feel the hearing devices in your ears, but you will adjust to the feeling in a short time.
  • Wear them for the first time in a quiet space: Don’t wear your new hearing aids for the first time in a super noisy environment. Not only can this hurt your ears, but you’ll likely feel overwhelmed, too. On the first day, sit in a quiet room and begin by listening for faint sounds, allowing you to rediscover what was once familiar. Keep in mind that even the softest sounds might seem unnaturally loud at first—this is your brain adjusting.
  • Wear them for short periods of time to start: Since new hearing aids can take a while to get used to, you might want to only wear them when you are in a comfortable place or situation. It’s okay to do this for the first few days, but do eventually try wearing them during all waking hours. Your ears need time to learn the sounds around you and how to filter out certain noise.
  • Gather in a small group: Get together a small group of friends or family and practice having conversations. Ask them to keep their voices down but loud enough for you to be able to identify individuals. Watch lips and faces so your brain and ears will make the connection.

To learn more about hearing aids in Salinas, CA, or to schedule a hearing test, call Valley Hearing Center anytime!

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