Can Hearing Aids Help with Hearing Loss in One Ear?

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When you research the solutions for hearing loss, you are likely to come across the term “hearing aids,” as in plural. But what if you only have hearing loss or difficulty in one ear? Do you still need to wear two devices? Will audiologists in Salinas, CA suggest a single hearing aid instead of a pair? We are meant to hear with two ears. When you can’t hear well from one or both ears, you can become less aware of your surroundings and lose control of spatial awareness.

The most important thing to remember is that hearing aids can help people experiencing hearing loss in only one ear. The following information and facts address the questions above.

There’s a term for hearing loss in one ear

Being able to hear with two ears is known as having binaural hearing. Having hearing loss in one ear is known as single-sided deafness or single-sided hearing loss—a condition associated with a significant or total hearing loss in one ear. Your hearing should be evaluated to determine the best solution for your particular hearing situation. Luckily, there are options for people who are diagnosed with having single-sided deafness. Your hearing professional may recommend you wear one hearing aid or two, or a hearing aid system that helps transmit sounds from your deaf ear to your good ear.

Symptoms of hearing loss in one ear

You might not notice that you have a true hearing problem right away. While the symptoms of hearing loss in one ear can vary, a big sign is difficultly locating the source of a sound. We’re not talking about hearing a sound far off in the distance and trying to figure out where it’s coming from. Let’s say you are in a group conversation and sitting close together—if you have difficulty determining where a voice is coming from more on one side than the other, you could have single-sided hearing loss. Another sign is general trouble communicating, or missing a lot of the conversations you are having.

Why you might have hearing loss in one ear

Hearing loss in one ear can happen at any age due to a range of conditions, including a pressurized nerve, physical damage to the ear, inner ear problems (such as infections) or a disease (such as mumps, meningitis or measles). Sometimes deafness happens suddenly without any obvious reason. Other times, the deafness you are experiencing in one ear is only temporary and often curable, resulting from a condition like swimmer’s ear or shingles, for example.

So, can hearing aids really help if the hearing loss is in only one ear, not both? They can, but you need to get a professional exam and assessment to determine your particular type of hearing loss and whether or not you can benefit from a conventional hearing aid.

Because single-sided hearing loss is not unusual, there is technology available that can really help your hearing and improve your quality of life. Contact Valley Hearing Center to get in touch with the best audiologists in Salinas, CA. Don’t wait—reach out today!

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