Audiologists in Salinas, CA Explain Tinnitus

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You might not be familiar with the term “tinnitus,” but you’ve probably experienced some temporary ringing in your ears from time to time. In essence, tinnitus is a condition that affects the hearing and causes people to perceive sounds that aren’t actually occurring. While the most common manifestation of tinnitus is a ringing in the ears, people with tinnitus might also hear buzzing, humming or chirping noises. Ringing in the ears is common, especially after hearing a loud noise, but for people with tinnitus, this issue can be persistent and cause serious discomfort and a decreased quality of life.

Tinnitus basics

Even though tinnitus is considered a hearing condition, it’s actually a symptom of an underlying disease. The buzzing, ringing, chirping or humming that tinnitus causes is a result of damaged hairs in your inner ear. Tinnitus can be caused by a number of different things, but it’s often associated with a buildup of earwax or consistent exposure to loud noises. Tinnitus ranges in severity, and about 50 million Americans have experienced it to some degree. For many, tinnitus symptoms occur rarely and aren’t significantly disruptive, but for those with severe tinnitus, the condition can negatively impact their quality of life and lead to constant irritation and even an inability to fall asleep.

Treatment options

Because tinnitus can be caused by so many different things, some people may only experience the condition temporarily, while others have it permanently. For those with persistent tinnitus, there are a number of treatment options available. Lots of tinnitus sufferers have benefited from cognitive behavioral therapy and tinnitus retraining therapy, which can help patients learn how to manage their symptoms and reduce the severity of the condition.

Another excellent treatment option is to get hearing aids or masking devices. With help from audiologists in Salinas, CA, you can have these devices programmed to counteract the pitch caused by tinnitus. Using hearing aids is an especially good option for people experiencing age-related hearing loss, since it can significantly improve their overall ability to hear while simultaneously lessening their tinnitus symptoms.

No matter what your preferred method of treatment may be, the most important thing is that you make an appointment at a hearing clinic. You don’t have to suffer from severe tinnitus, and an audiologist can help you by offering solutions that can greatly improve your ability to relax and reduce your tinnitus problems.

Reach out to audiologists in Salinas, CA

Tinnitus can be a frustrating hearing condition, but the good news is that there are products and treatments out there that can help. Whether you’re experiencing tinnitus or another hearing condition, you can get help from the professional audiologists in Salinas, CA at Valley Hearing Center. For 55 years, we have been premier providers of hearing tests, products and services that address a wide range of hearing conditions. We are happy to offer our patients a free hearing test to assess the extent of their hearing loss so that we can plan the most effective treatment plan possible. You can find out more and schedule your initial consultation by giving us a call today.

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