What to Expect Before Your Hearing Aid Fitting in Salinas, CA

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Do you need to schedule a hearing aid fitting in Salinas, CA? Are you intimidated by the process? It’s easy to fear the unknown or be uncomfortable when you don’t know what to expect. The good news is, this process is quite simple and painless. To familiarize yourself with what to expect, use the following Q&A guide.

Why do I need a hearing aid fitting in Salinas, CA?

For the best results from your hearing aid, you must do more than simply choose a device. The hearing aid should be properly fitted to your ear. This will ensure that the device provides the right amount of amplification. If it is not properly fitted, you will enjoy less than optimal benefits from the hearing aid.

Will I take a hearing test?

Yes—this is an important part of preparing for your hearing aid fitting. The audiologist will conduct a hearing test to determine the proper settings for your hearing aid. The specialist will measure the pitches and volumes at which you can comfortably hear. These results will guide the settings for your hearing aid.

What will be discussed at my appointment?

During your hearing aid evaluation, you will discuss the various options from which you have to choose. Different styles of hearing aids are available, with varying technology and varying costs. Your expectations and needs for the device will be covered to determine which selection is best for your hearing needs. You will then choose the hearing aid you want to order.

Do I need an earmold?

Depending on the style of hearing aid you choose, the technician may take an earmold impression. This is a simple process to record the shape of your ear. It ensures your device will fit comfortably and provide the best results.

How long will it take to get my hearing aid?

After your order your hearing aids, they typically arrive in about two weeks. Once they arrive, you will return to the office for your hearing aid fitting in Salinas, CA.

What happens during my hearing aid fitting in Salinas, CA?

During your hearing aid fitting, the audiologist will perform tests to confirm that the device provides the proper amount of amplification. Real Ear Measures will be used to test sound levels. The audiologist will insert a thin tube into your ear. This tube connects to a microphone that measures the volume in your ear. Then, your hearing aid will be inserted and turned on. The audiologist will then measure the strength of sounds at different volumes to verify that noises are amplified at a comfortable level by your hearing aid. Once this testing is complete and your hearing aids are properly programmed, the audiologist will review proper care and maintenance of your hearing aid with you. Finally, you will have the opportunity to practice daily tasks such as inserting the device and changing the batteries, to ensure you are comfortable with your new hearing aid.

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