What to Expect During a Free Hearing Test in Salinas, CA

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If you have reason to believe you have hearing loss, it’s important to schedule a free hearing test in Salinas, CA. Hearing loss occurs and progresses gradually, so it might take some time for you to begin noticing its effects. Getting a baseline hearing test and annual follow-up tests can help you to catch hearing loss early on and avoid other far-reaching health effects.

So what exactly can you expect out of a visit to get a hearing test? Here’s a general overview of how the experience will proceed.

Discussion of your hearing history

Whenever you visit a hearing health professional, the first step is for them to ask you questions about your personal medical history, especially as it relates to your hearing health. This will help them identify any initial concerns you might have about your hearing.

There are many different causes of hearing loss, so examining your history can help determine if you have any genetic factors influencing your hearing loss, or other medical conditions like allergies, asthma, colds, ear infections or any other health issues that could be contributing to your hearing loss. In some cases, hearing loss is only caused by impacted earwax, and its removal can get you back to normal. In other cases, hearing loss could be permanent due to trauma or genetic factors.

Your audiologist might also ask if you have had any long-term exposure to loud noises, especially if you work in loud environments, such as construction, mining or sound engineering.

The actual test

Once your hearing health professional has gone through your hearing history, they will begin with the hearing test. These tests are painless, and usually occur in a quiet booth or enclosure designed to keep out any other noises that could potentially impact your test. You will wear headphones or soft earplugs, connected to a machine called an audiometer.

The tester will provide you with instructions through your headphones. You will be asked to listen to tones at varying pitches and volumes, and either raise your hand or push a button when you hear them. You must listen carefully, because even if the tone sounds very soft, you will still need to respond. The purpose is to measure the softest sounds you can hear at varying frequencies, which helps determine the extent of your hearing difficulties.

The tester will also likely perform speech audiometry tests, using live or recorded speech rather than simple tones. This evaluates the softest speech sounds you can understand. You will often be asked to repeat these words. This can help evaluate your most comfortable listening level, which is important if you are to program hearing aids custom tailored for your hearing needs.

Hearing tests for infants and young children work differently than hearing tests used for older children and adults, but the same principles apply—the tester wants to determine the frequencies and volumes you are able to hear.

For more information about what to expect out of a free hearing test in Salinas, CA, contact us today.

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