How to Care for Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids are expensive pieces of technology that make daily life more enjoyable and productive for patients suffering from hearing loss. If you are a hearing aid patient, you may be wondering what steps you can take to protect your investment and prevent the need for hearing aid replacement in Salinas, CA unless absolutely necessary.

Obtaining your hearing aids from a highly qualified professional is the best way that you can ensure you are investing in a long-lasting hearing loss solution. Working frequently with your hearing aid provider for maintenance services and tips is another way that you can ensure your hearing aids last for the full duration of their expected lifespan.

There are also a number of daily maintenance tips that you should practice to keep your hearing aids in tip-top condition. Recent advances in hearing aid technology have made the devices more reliable and stable than ever; however, they still require lots of attention and care to continue operating as intended for the entirety of their expected lifespan.

Here are just a few aspects of routine maintenance you should perform daily on your hearing devices to avoid the need for hearing aid replacement in Salinas, CA:

  • Battery test: Typically, hearing aid batteries last for roughly two weeks. You should regularly test your hearing aid batteries to ensure that your hearing aids will be performing as intended. Weak or dying batteries can make it difficult to hear, and having your batteries die while you’re out and about can be a frightening experience.
  • Listening checks: Using a listening tube, perform a daily check on the quality of sound produced by your hearing aid. Keep an ear out for any scratchy or fuzzy noises coming from your hearing aid. If anything sounds amiss, you should visit a hearing aid professional sooner rather than later.
  • Cleaning: Use a dry, damp cloth to clean your hearing aid after you remove it from your ear and before you put it back in. Keeping your hearing aid free of dust and debris will help you extend its overall lifespan. Ear molds should be removed from the hearing aid and cleaned in a mild soapy solution on a regular basis as well.
  • Avoid feedback: Feedback is not only painful and potentially damaging to your ears—it can also cause permanent damage to your hearing aids! Feedback can be caused if your hearing aid is not properly situated in your ear, or if there is a buildup of earwax around the hearing aid. Excessive feedback may require hearing aid replacement in Salinas, CA.
  • Minimize moisture: Even though most modern hearing aids are moisture-resistant, you should still do your best to minimize your hearing aids’ exposure to wet or damp environments. It’s always recommended to remove your hearing aid before swimming, showering or taking a bath.

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