How to Fix Common Problems with Hearing Aids in Salinas, CA

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Hearing aids are exciting solutions for many people suffering from a reduced functionality of their auditory systems. Hearing aids are also complex, complicated pieces of machinery that require large amounts of care and attention. Obtaining proper maintenance for your hearing aids is essential part of avoiding costly and unnecessary repairs. If you are experiencing problems with hearing aids in Salinas, CA, you should reach out to a qualified professional provider of hearing aid maintenance or repair. Working with a dependable hearing loss prevention specialist is the best way to ensure that your hearing aid is a workable solution for years to come.

Hearing aids don’t always need professional help if they are malfunctioning. If you are experiencing trouble with your auditory assistant, you should try these easy troubleshooting methods before visiting a hearing aid specialist. Here are just some of the most common problems with hearing aids in Salinas, CA, and easy ways that you can address them:

  • If it’s not emitting sound: If your hearing aid isn’t emitting any type of sound whatsoever, the first thing that you should do is ensure that it’s turned on! If it is, try flipping the switch back and forth a few times. You may be in need of a new hearing aid battery.
  • If it’s too quiet: The most common cause for an unexplained loss in hearing aid volume is a buildup of earwax. If your hearing aid is emitting sound that is too quiet to interpret, you should remove it and examine the hearing aid’s dome. Depending on the type of hearing aid that you use, you may be able to clear the dome out or have it replaced.
  • If it gets wet: Because hearing aids become a part of your daily routine, it’s far too easy to get them wet! Even spending extended periods of time in a humid environment can cause problems with hearing aids in Salinas, CA. If your hearing aid has been exposed to excessive moisture, you should remove it and place it in a bowl of dry rice.
  • If you’re hearing a whistle: If your hearing aid is emitting a whistling sound or other feedback, there’s a chance that the ear mold is not properly fitted. You should take the hearing aid out and readjust the ear mold. If the problem persists, you may need to have a professional assist you with the process of readjusting your hearing aid.

Valley Hearing Center – Salinas has been the premier source of solutions to all your problems with hearing aids in Salinas, CA for more than half a century! We are proud to offer high-quality hearing loss prevention solutions to all our customers and clients. If you are in need of maintenance or repair for your existing hearing aids, or are hoping to get outfitted with a new auditory solution, you should reach out to one of our friendly and highly qualified representatives immediately. Our dedicated team members will ensure that you receive the highest possible standard of care.

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