Five Ways to Protect Your Ears and Prevent Hearing Problems in Salinas, CA

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For years, the medical community has pushed hard to raise awareness of how common hearing loss is and educate people on the importance of early diagnosis. While there is such a thing as temporary hearing loss, severely damaged hearing cannot be reversed or cured; it’s only treatable, sometimes, with hearing aids and other hearing technology. Make sure to take care of your ears, and should you begin to experience hearing loss, don’t hesitate to get a professional evaluation and help with choosing the best hearing solution for your needs.

With that in mind, here are five ways to protect your ears and prevent hearing problems in Salinas, CA:

  • Wear protective ear gear around loud noises: If you work in construction, a factory, in lawn care, in a bus station or are otherwise exposed to a noisy environment on a regular basis, it’s crucial that you wear protective hearing gear. Your best options are to use earplugs or protective noise-dampening earphones. Some hearing healthcare providers offer custom fitted earplugs.
  • Be aware of the volume on your devices: Whether you watch TV using only the built-in speakers or have installed a sound bar or external speaker system, you need to make sure to keep the volume at a comfortable level for your ears. You may have to compromise on this when watching a show or movie with others. The key is to have the volume loud enough that you are not straining to hear, but not so loud that your ears are hurting or you can hear the TV in other areas of your house.
  • Let your ears rest: People working in noisy work environments should already be practicing ear care when at home. For those exposed to loud noises for an extended period of time, but only on occasion—like going to a concert or bar—they should know the importance of giving their ears time to rest and recover. That means stepping outside for a few minutes here and there, and avoiding loud noises for most of the following day.
  • Keep your ears dry: When you keep your ears dry, you are preventing excess moisture from allowing bacteria to enter the ear canal. Bacteria buildup can lead to ear infections, which can put your hearing at risk. Use a towel to dry around your ears after bathing or swimming. If you feel water inside your ears, gently tilt your head to the side and give your ear lobe a light tug.
  • Maintain your health: Believe it or not, managing stress and anxiety and exercising are good for your ears. When you do cardio—like bicycling, running and walking—you get blood moving to all the parts of your body, including your ears. Meanwhile, both stress and anxiety can cause phantom ringing in the ears, temporarily or permanently. This can happen when a person becomes stressed or anxious, because it puts pressure on the nerves of the inner ear and affects body heat and blood flow.

If you suspect that you or someone you care about is suffering from hearing problems in Salinas, CA, contact the team at Valley Hearing Center – Salinas. Call us for more information!

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