The Connection Between Balance and Hearing Loss in Salinas, CA

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Most people are aware that hearing loss in Salinas, CA can affect one’s life in many ways, but a lot of people don’t understand just how many areas of life this loss can truly affect. For example, hearing loss can have an effect on an individual’s sense of balance, and subsequently how well they are able to move around. This guide will provide an explanation of just how connected hearing and balance are, and will help with some solutions for improving your hearing that can help to improve your balance as well.

What role does your hearing play in your body’s balance?

Your body balances itself by processing the input from three separate systems, which helps you establish yourself in relation to everything around you. Your visual and sensory systems obviously play a key role in helping you determine which direction you are going, but it is your vestibular system that helps to prevent dizziness and loss of balance whenever you are in motion. Since all of these systems work together, when one of the systems is consistently sending signals to the brain that do not match those of the others, balance disorders come into play.

If you are having hearing problems or suffering from hearing loss and your ears are sending incorrect signals to your brain as a result, you could potentially suffer from vertigo or extreme dizziness every time you stand up to move. This weakness in the vestibular system is particularly dangerous for the elderly, who could be seriously injured if they take a fall.

What can you do to improve your balance?

There are many ways in which you can correct these abnormal auditory signals that are sent to the brain, which can help to alleviate your balance issues over time. One way is with the help of hearing aids or other assistive hearing devices that focus on improving your hearing in general, which can in turn help to improve your balance by registering movement with greater efficiency. A visit to the audiologist can help determine the extent of your hearing issues, and these trained professionals can work with your needs to devise a treatment plan to systematically improve your hearing.

If your hearing is improved and gradually begins to resemble normal hearing functions, the signals that are sent to your brain will be more in line with the other systems that provide balance. With improved hearing comes increased coordination, which can also provide a boost for your confidence as well.

If you are struggling with hearing loss in Salinas, CA and looking for an audiologist that will take a patient-first approach to your hearing health, give us a call at Valley Hearing Center – Salinas. We have been providing quality hearing treatment in the area for more than 50 years, and we have the kind of knowledge and experience you can trust. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you, and allow us to help restore the balance you need in your life.

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