How Situation Specific Assistive Hearing Technology in Salinas, CA Can Help You Regain Your Mobility

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Dealing with hearing loss is not easy, and oftentimes those who have hearing impairments avoid going out to certain events because of the difficulties they will face. Depending on what you need to do, though, there are types of situation specific assistive hearing technology in Salinas, CA that can restore the mobility of those with hearing disorders and help you get the most out of any event.

FM systems

If someone is attending an event at a large convention center, it can be difficult to hear the speaker effectively if the background noise is overpowering. To overcome this signal-to-noise ratio, an FM system can be used in these large venues to amplify the dialogue of the speaker directly to the user, allowing them to hear what is being said clearly.

FM technology uses a transmitter microphone that is placed near the speaker to send a signal to the receiver, or in some cases directly to both of the user’s hearing aids. This combination of clear dialogue mixed with reduced background noise helps to generate the most decipherable sound available. The FM system is very dependable, and can help create a much more enjoyable experience at any large event.

Safety devices

It is also important for the hearing impaired to know when a potential emergency situation is occurring around them so that they can make their way to safety. For example, those who are suffering from hearing loss can use carbon monoxide and smoke detectors that light up and vibrate to alert you that something is wrong. These specialized appliances help prevent individuals from getting trapped in unsafe situations by projecting high-intensity strobe lights, along with vibrating attachments that connect to the sleeping area to alert the hearing impaired of impending danger. With this technology, those that have a hard time hearing can sleep soundly knowing that if anything happens, they won’t miss the call to action.

Personal amplifiers

A personal amplifier is great for those who are always on the go, or who like to enjoy the outdoors or other areas that some of the alternative assistive listening devices do not work well in. Using a directional microphone, the user can point the device towards whichever sounds they need amplified, and these sounds will be picked up by a receiver that is connected to a set of earbuds. The appeal of these types of personal devices is that they are mobile and can go with the user wherever they go, allowing them to go out without worrying about their hearing holding them back.

Here at Valley Hearing Center – Salinas, we want those who may be suffering from hearing loss to be able to enjoy outings and events just like everyone else. We have an extensive selection of assistive hearing technology in Salinas, CA that can help you no matter what you may be trying to do. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment so that we can help you get out and enjoy your favorite activities.

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