Audiologists in Salinas, CA: Who Are They, and What Can They Do for You?

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Although you’re probably generally aware that, if you are having hearing troubles, you should consult with an audiologist in Salinas, CA, the full scope of just how much these doctors do often goes unnoticed. This brief overview will help give you a better idea of just what audiologists do, and why the help that they can offer is so important for you.

What is an audiologist, and what do they do?

In short, audiologists are the hearing doctors. Unlike ear, nose and throat doctors, whose focus is on the physical structure of the ear, audiologists focus on the mechanics and physiology of your hearing. They examine the issues you are having, what might be causing these issues and how to improve the overall function of your hearing. These doctors go through several years of extensive training, and are responsible for learning about the anatomy of hearing systems as well as how your genetics might play a role in your hearing loss. Their training also allows them to diagnose and create treatment plans for hearing loss in people of all ages.

Prior to 2007, the field of audiology only required a Master’s degree. As the industry has continued to evolve, though, there are currently two different types of doctorates that audiologists pursue—there is the clinical doctorate (Au. D.) and the research-based doctorate (Ph.D.). Audiologists are autonomous health care professionals, which means that they can be found practicing just about anywhere, from traditional locations such as hospitals, clinics or private practices to other more specialized locations such as schools or offices.

How can an audiologist help you?

Hearing loss that doesn’t require surgery can often be corrected with hearing aids and assistive listening devices, which an audiologist can help you get fitted for. While there are other health professionals that can help you with this, when you think about the additional training and expertise that an audiologist has, it is easy to understand how they can offer a much more holistic hearing assessment and treatment experience, versus just getting you fitted for equipment.

Audiologists can also go in depth in certain specialty areas to help specific groups of people. For example, many audiologists have devoted their careers to working with hearing loss in young children, consulting with their families and creating treatment plans for their future. On the opposite end of the spectrum, other audiologists work specifically with the elderly, whose hearing is degenerating over time, or those who become deafened late in life. Other audiologists focus on learning about, diagnosing and treating specific auditory disorders exclusively, such as tinnitus or otosclerosis.

If you are having issues with your hearing and would like an ear assessment for further examination, call us at Valley Hearing Center – Salinas. Our audiologists in Salinas, CA are dedicated to making sure that you have all of the tools, information and equipment you need to hear properly. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or learn more about the ways in which you can benefit from the services of an audiologist!

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