Five Signs You May Have Hearing Problems in Salinas

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From birth, as a child or as an older adult, hearing loss can strike at any time and affect people of all ages. Sudden heating loss is noticeable and distressing, while with gradual hearing loss, it may take a little longer to detect. Do you think you would be able to notice issues with a loved one’s hearing? What about your own ability to hear well? There’s greater chance for successful treatment when caught early, so it’s important to schedule regular hearing tests, and to get tested if your hearing seems off.

Let’s take a look at five of the most common signs that you may have hearing problems in Salinas:

  • It’s difficult to hear people on the phone: Just about every cell phone today has volume control, as do many landline phones. But if you have the volume turned all the way up and are still having trouble hearing, you might be experiencing hearing loss. On the other hand, you might think you’re hearing fine when, in reality, the volume setting is maxed out, which is why you can hear at all.
  • Others complain about the TV volume: If your family constantly complains about the volume on the television being too loud, you likely have a hearing problem—and we’re not talking about turning it up to hear over a loud group of people. It’s also important to be vigilant with your teenagers. Today, many young people are exposed to long-term loud music from concerts, vehicle sound systems and blasting the stereo in their bedroom, all of which can cause a level of hearing loss.
  • You’re straining to hear conversations: Too many people talking at the same time can indeed give you a headache, but feeling exhausted or nursing a headache after regular daily conversations with coworkers or family is not normal. With a hearing issue, you are always straining to hear the conversation you are attempting to engage in. If you have to focus hard to hear a normal conversation, and you’re fatigued at the end of the day, you may want to see a hearing professional.
  • You say the word “what?” all the time: The need to say the word “what?” constantly should raise a red flag if you are using it when the people you are talking to are close by. Yelling “what?” in response to something said from the other end of the house is not as worrisome.
  • There’s constant misunderstanding: Do you regularly misunderstand what people say? You may think you hear one thing, but when you repeat it back for confirmation, you get a weird look. Misunderstanding others during a conversation can be both embarrassing and frustrating. To avoid mishearing, get a professional hearing assessment to find out if you can benefit from a pair of hearing aids.

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above signs or have felt for a long time that you’ve been suffering from hearing problems in Salinas, then give us a call at Valley Hearing Center as soon as possible. We will test your hearing and, if needed, fit you with the best style of hearing aids for your specific type of hearing loss.

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