Tips to Help You Take Better Care of Your Hearing Aids in Monterey and Salinas

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If you or someone you care about wears hearing aids, then you know how much these devices can enhance a person’s quality of life. Hearing aids let the hearing impaired go about their daily lives without the typical frustrations that come with hearing loss—like struggling to listen to others, turning up the television full blast and having difficulties hearing on the phone. But you must maintain your devices to hear clearly, everyday.

Here are a few tips to help you take better care of your hearing aids in Monterey and Salinas.

Store them the right way

When you started wearing your hearing aids for the first time, you probably made sure to wipe each device down before putting it in a storage case for safety. Perhaps you’ve gotten out of this habit over time. But you need to remember that hearing aids are pieces of sophisticated technology, made up of internal components working together inside a tiny shell—they must be stored properly.

It’s also important that the devices are kept away from moisture. Remove hearing aids before showering or swimming, and if they come in contact with water, dry them immediately with a towel. Never dry hearing aids with any type of heating element like a hair dryer. Finally, if the devices are not in use, always store them in a safe, dry place.

Keep them free of earwax

No matter the style or size, hearing aids will make contact with the insides of your ears where earwax hangs out. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid having earwax touch your devices, and earwax is the primary cause of poorly performing hearing aids. It’s crucial that you set aside the time to thoroughly clean your devices to ensure they work right and will last a long time.

At the end of the day, remove your hearing aids so you can clean them. Use a clean, dry cotton swab to wipe off earwax and other debris from the entire device, including the microphone and the receiver.

Change the batteries

As with some of the electronics in your home, you will need to change your hearing aid batteries often to avoid causing damage. Common types of damage brought on by old batteries include technological failure and corrosion due to trapped moisture, which can also happen when hearing aids are not cleaned or stored in a dry spot. And if you are not going to wear your devices for a while, make sure to take the batteries out as a precautionary measure.

Handle with care

Today, most hearing aids are built tough; they are not likely to break on the first drop. But your goal should still be to do everything possible to avoid dropping your devices. Hold your hearing devices securely and never leave them within reach of small children or pets. Before cleaning or changing the batteries, lay a clean cloth on a table to hold your hearing aids, the batteries and other components.

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