Focus on Hearing Problems in Salinas: What to Expect When You Have Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss can negatively affect a person’s life in a number of ways. Although it is a common medical condition that many people are living with, not everyone knows what they should know about it, or how to cope. For those who are experiencing hearing problems in Salinas, it is important to learn more about hearing loss and the related symptoms, as you yourself may be living with this medical condition.

Here’s what you should know about hearing loss, and what people living with this condition can expect to happen.

What can cause hearing loss?

Hearing loss is similar to a lot of medical conditions, because there is more than one potential cause. The many causes of hearing loss include damage, a buildup of earwax, ear infection and ruptured eardrum. There may be many causes of hearing loss, but advanced age is more common than others. It is unclear as to why this is the case, but it has been suspected that years of exposure to various noises and genetics play a role.

Another important fact that people should take note of is that hearing loss can vary in severity. These different degrees of hearing loss range from normal to profound. A person with profound hearing loss is not deaf, but even with a hearing aid or different type of treatment, hearing can still be a struggle.

What can people with hearing loss expect to happen?

Not all people will have the same symptoms of hearing loss. Circumstances vary from person to person, so people cannot expect that all people with hearing loss are dealing with the same thing. However, people who suspect hearing loss should pay close attention to be sure of their symptoms.

In many cases of hearing loss, people can expect the following:

  • Difficulty hearing when using the telephone
  • Constantly asking people to repeat themselves
  • Constantly asking other people to speak louder
  • Trouble hearing people speaking when you are in a group setting
  • Increased need to turn the volume up when watching TV or listening to music

Throughout the day, most people will hear loud noises, music, people talking and more. Depending on your level of hearing loss, all of these things will be harder to hear. When you are experiencing an issue with your hearing, the side effects can vary. When any of the aforementioned occur, it can be difficult to participate in your normal daily activities. For example, listening to music, attending class or doing anything else that requires you to listen and communicate with others can increase in difficulty.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, there are treatments available to restore and/or improve your ability to hear. Anyone who believes they have hearing loss should make an appointment with an audiologist as soon as possible. They will be able to get a proper diagnosis and determine what treatment option can help them with their hearing and lessen the effects of this medical condition.

Are you experiencing hearing problems in Salinas? Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with an audiologist at Valley Hearing Center.

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