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Every patient on earth is different when it comes to dealing with audiology and fitting hearing aids. There isn’t any sort of “out of the box” process or “one size fits all” aid that can be picked up after a few minutes of interaction. Each person seeking out help has their own set of unique factors and personal preferences that must be taken into account. Something as serious as a hearing problem shouldn’t have a cookie cutter approach applied to it.

Within the world of audiology, it’s important to find audiologists in Salinas, CA with a patient-oriented approach. This style of care provides the best results when up against the more profit-driven operations that have continuously popped up over the years. Here are just a handful of the reasons why a patient-oriented process is the best way to go. In theory, the list could be endless:

  • There is a difference in necessary qualifications: There is a big difference between audiologists in Salinas, CA and hearing aid specialists. When seeking help, it’s important to remember a patient-oriented audiologist has devoted their lives to studies that will impact your day-to-day existence. With over eight years of schooling and research, audiologists take pride in all aspects of recovery, from the initial diagnosis to the final rehabilitation.
  • Caregiving is a long-term process: Hearing changes over time, and so will the necessary care that goes along with it. Building a long-term relationship with a patient-oriented audiologist starts with early care and carries on through the healing process. This open door policy allows for gradual adjustments and encourages feedback as your preferences and needs change.
  • Everything is out in the open: Since the patient comes first, everything is out in the open. This transparency between the provider and the patient helps facilitate honest decisions rather than choices that focus on sales. Proceeding in this way allows patients to consider all the options and feel as comfortable as possible with each step.
  • Knowledge is power: Along with clear communication, knowledge is also shared to educate the patient on what is happening. Rather than just simply stating the obvious, patient-oriented care educates the patient on exactly what is happening, and why it may be happening. Having a deeper understanding of the situation provides comfort in knowing that you are getting the best and most accurate care available.
  • This is a family affair: The outside environment of a patient can be just as valuable as what happens inside a clinic. The sharing of information extends beyond the patient, and a patient’s support system is welcome to be a part of the process. Having a trusted family member or friend who becomes a part of the process can go a long way in helping the patient along the road to better hearing.

Valley Hearing Center has been around since 1963 and prides itself on providing patient-oriented care. As a family owned and operated business, we realize the important effect that dedicated care has on the entire process. Representatives from Valley Hearing Center are here to help every single step of the way. When you need audiologists in Salinas, CA who truly put the patient first, we hope you’ll turn to us!

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