Teaching About Hearing Loss in Schools

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At Valley Hearing Center we have this blog to inform our readers on important hearing health information, we give tips to take care of hearing aids and how to prevent hearing loss, and we often share our events to try to get as many people educated about hearing loss as possible.

Our readers are often mothers, daughters, fathers, brothers, but most of our readers are primarily adults. We can do as much as possible to educate on hearing loss, but why aren’t children being educated more thoroughly about the consequences of ignoring hearing loss and how to prevent hearing damage? Here’s why we believe hearing loss education needs to be taught in schools.

1. Instill Values Early

Similar to other important issues, it is vital to teach kids early about preventable health issues. In grade school kids learn about hygiene, manners, letters, numbers, and a myriad of other information, so why is hearing health often left out of the equation? If we inform children not only about the importance of protecting our hearing but also the reasons behind why it is crucial, the message may stick more thoroughly. The earlier we show kids ear protection via earplugs and volume control, the more effective the message may become.

2. It’s A Huge Issue and Still Growing

According to The Hearing Health Foundation, from 2000 to 2015 the number of Americans with hearing loss has doubled and globally hearing loss has increased by 44%. These numbers are frightening. With the growing popularity of earbuds and the ever-encroaching culture of technology, this is not an issue that is going away. It is simply not okay to dismiss this health issue, we need to teach our kids about this health problem before it is too late.

3. Other Health Topics Have Improved

Studies have shown that educating children about health topics such as smoking and informing them about the long-term risks involved have lowered smoking rates! Hearing loss needs to be taken out of the shadows of other health issues and brought to the attention of kids everywhere.

4. There’s Tons of Information

Hearing loss is not some mysterious problem, there is a load of information about the risks involved in hearing loss and tons of advice on hearing loss prevention. The facts are out there, all we have to do is insist our children receive those facts and have a curriculum to include hearing health!

5. Preventing Noise Related Hearing Loss

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is not inevitable — it is actually quite preventable! If we teach our children to move away from loud sounds, protect ears with earplugs, and turn down the volume to a safe level we can help our children succeed long-term!

We need to be advocates for the children who are clueless about the day-to-day and long term effects of ignoring hearing loss. As we push for better hearing health education in schools remember that at home these hearing loss issues are equally as important. Remember to make your hearing health a priority as well!

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