Turn Down the Volume: Use Hearing Technology in Salinas to Watch TV

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Your hearing loss affects other people in two ways. First, your loved ones may be tired of repeating themselves or notice you are withdrawn. They want the best for you so they approach you about your hearing loss. The second way can be the bane of other household members: TVs being watched at high volume. Fortunately, there are solutions in hearing technology in Salinas to make TV viewing easier for all involved. Here are five options that will help you:

  • Audio settings: Normal audio settings are limited to standard volume controls. Unfortunately, these are what can cause despair within your household, and if you live in an apartment or townhouse, you can disturb your neighbors, too. Upgrading audio settings to include amplifier systems allows you to hear the TV without bothering other people. This can include wireless streaming that broadcasts your show to a speaker that is closer to you or loops sound to amplified headphones. Basically, this is all about adjusting your TV so it can work with other devices, ensuring volume control is not your only option.
  • Wireless headphones and headsets: These devices connect with your TV through Bluetooth or infrared technology. They are portable, and if you need the volume a little louder, they can accommodate you. Also, they are handy if your late night viewing habits threaten to keep the rest of your household awake. These do not work with your hearing aids, so they may not be an option if you hear nothing without them. However, if you are in the early stages of hearing loss, these can make watching TV more pleasant for everyone.
  • Sound bar speakers: A sound bar system helps sound travel through the room. It offers multiple sound channels, which is why you can hear your TV or movie without turning up the volume too loud. There are also settings that can amplify dialogue, so you’ll never miss a single word of the drama. This sound anchoring will eliminate the distracting sounds in your show or movie and allow you to enjoy a focused viewing experience.
  • Room loops: Looping works directly with hearing aids. It provides a signal-to-noise ratio that works better with your devices, and some systems stream sound from your shows directly to hearing aids. Some people notice echoes in speech when they watch a movie or attend a live performance with their hearing aids, but a room loop will eliminate that effect. Best of all, if you learn to use this system at home, you can also take advantage of this resource if it is available in a public space. Many concert halls, museums and churches offer loop systems in order to better accommodate their hard-of-hearing patrons.
  • Closed captions: If you are not up to integrating devices in your home, there is always the closed caption option. This technology provides an onscreen transcript of dialogue and will even note sound effects and music. Most TV models come equipped with this option, as do streaming video services like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Hearing technology in Salinas can help you function better with hearing loss. Visit Valley Hearing Center for a free hearing test and to see which options work best for you.

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