The Best Hearing Aids for Those Experiencing Severe Hearing Loss

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Are you unable to hear the television or phone calls? Has it become more difficult to understand what your loved ones are saying? If the answer is “yes,” you may be suffering from hearing loss. It can be both frustrating and frightening to realize that you are losing your hearing. Unfortunately, those feelings tend to only increase the more severe the loss of hearing becomes. Luckily, modern technology has allowed for advances in hearing aid technology that work to restore your hearing. There are a variety of different hearing aid designs on the market that are built for those experiencing extreme difficulty with your hearing.

Ultimately, with assistance from your hearing aid specialist, you will most likely choose from one of the following options when selecting the best hearing aids in Salinas, CA for your unique situation.

Behind the ear

A behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid is exactly what it sounds like. In most models, the hearing aid hooks over the top portion of your ear and then sits nestled behind your ear, between your ear and your head. A small tube connects the device to a custom fitted earpiece, also known as an ear mold, which rests within your ear canal. A BTE unit is a great option for practically any degree of hearing loss because it does a better job of amplifying sound than most other options.

In the ear

Another option for anyone experiencing severe hearing loss is an in the ear (ITE) hearing aid. There are two different styles when it comes to ITE hearing aids. The first option fills the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear, known as a full shell. The second option only fills the lower part, or the half shell. The decision is usually based on comfort, as both options provide the same benefits. This is the best option for those who spend a significant amount of time on the telephone.


Are you embarrassed by your hearing aid? If so, you may be a good candidate for an in the canal hearing aid. This style of hearing aid is designed so the receiver perfectly fits the unique shape and size of the ear canal. A completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aid is a similar option, but it is almost entirely hidden within the ear canal. Both designs use a tiny wire, as opposed to tubing, to connect the two pieces.

No matter how severe your hearing loss may be, the professional hearing specialists at Valley Hearing Center will help you find the best hearing aid for you. Our family owned business has been offering top-of-the-line options for hearing aids in Salinas, CA since 1963. We pride ourselves on the quality of our patient care, which means we’ll do whatever it takes to find the perfect hearing aid for your unique situation. Stop by today to speak with one of our experts, learn more about the available hearing aids in our stock and discover how a hearing aid can improve your quality of life.

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