Properly Caring for Your Hearing Aid Can Improve Your Hearing in Salinas

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If you wear a hearing aid, it is important to take proper care of it on a daily basis to ensure it works at an optimum level. Cleaning it on a regular basis will improve your hearing in Salinas and give your hearing aid a longer life. Here are some tips for cleaning and caring for your hearing aid.

Cleaning your hearing aid

Keeping your hearing aid clean is an important factor in maintaining the life of the device and ensuring it works consistently. Every evening before you go to bed, take some time to clean the components of your hearing aid. This will make sure it is ready to go first thing in the morning and will improve your hearing in Salinas throughout the day.

Inspect your hearing aid for any dirt or wax that has built up. You can remove the ear mold and clean this with some soapy water. If there is wax present, use the air blower that came with your hearing aid to blow it out. Dirt can be removed with a cloth. You will want make sure the ear molds are thoroughly dry before you store your hearing aid for the night. The air blower can also be used to get rid of moisture.

Daily cleaning of your hearing aid will allow it to work its best, as wax buildup can reduce your hearing in Salinas by creating feedback. You can make cleaning your hearing aid part of your evening routine and it will be easy to remember to do this each night.

Daily hearing aid care

Batteries are probably the number one reason for experiencing impaired hearing even with a hearing aid. Batteries are typically designed to last one to two weeks. Check the battery life in your hearing aid each morning to ensure it has enough life to get you through the day. You can use a battery tester to check the strength of your hearing aid batteries. Make sure they are strong enough to give your hearing aid maximum performance. Always have spare batteries on hand in case your hearing in Salinas starts to degrade. Change the batteries out when you notice the hearing aid not working properly.

When you are not wearing your hearing aid, you will want to store it in its proper container. This will help keep moisture from getting into the device. Remove the batteries each time you store your hearing aid, and make sure the container is dry. This is also a safe way to keep your hearing aid safe, as you will always be able to find it and know it’s working accurately.

Taking care of your hearing aid on a daily basis will help to improve your hearing in Salinas each time you wear it. Setting a schedule for cleaning and care of your hearing aid will help to increase the lifespan of your device and keep it in good working order so you never have to go without it. For a hearing evaluation, or to learn more about caring for your hearing aid, contact Valley Hearing Center. We offer hearing tests to determine whether you are in need of a hearing aid or another type of listening device, and can help equip you with the device that best meets your needs.

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