Combat Hearing Problems in Salinas with Your Diet

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If you are having hearing problems in Salinas, it may be because of something lacking in your diet. Certain vitamins and minerals in food can help reverse hearing loss or slow its progression, making them important and beneficial additions to any person’s diet. Here are some vitamins and minerals to add to your diet to help improve your hearing:

  • Vitamin A: A lack of Vitamin A in your diet can increase hearing loss from loud noises. This can be improved by adding Vitamin A to your diet, as it works to develop the inner ear. Add Vitamin A to your diet by eating dark leafy greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, fish or tropical fruit. The daily requirement for Vitamin A is 3000 international units (IU) for men and 2310 IU for women.
  • Vitamin B12: Deficiencies in Vitamin B12 can affect your hearing as you get older. Vitamin B12 affects the nervous and vascular system as well as the cochlear nerve. Adding more Vitamin B12 to your diet can promote healthy hearing. Foods high in Vitamin B12 include milk, salmon and yogurt. Get 2.4 micrograms (mcg) of Vitamin B12 per day.
  • Vitamin D: By eating more foods containing Vitamin D, you can help to improve your hearing problems in Salinas. Vitamin D affects the ear’s nerve system. Improving hearing through Vitamin D includes eating foods such as fish, mushrooms, orange juice, milk and egg yolks. Get 15 to 20 mcg a day.
  • Potassium: Your hearing problems in Salinas may be contributed to having low levels of potassium in your diet. You may want to increase your potassium intake to boost the levels that are in your body. The daily requirement for potassium is 4700 mg. Potassium is an easy nutrient to eat, as it is present in a variety of fruits such as bananas, melons and oranges, and vegetables such as spinach. You can also find it in potatoes, lima beans, milk and raisins.
  • Manganese: Another mineral that can affect your hearing is manganese. You will want to be sure you are getting 310 to 400 mg of manganese a day as a way to combat your hearing problems in Salinas. Eating foods such as sweet potatoes or nuts is a good way to incorporate manganese into your diet.
  • Folic acid: If you are deficient in folic acid, you may be experiencing a loss of hearing. Eating foods that contain folic acid can help improve your hearing of high frequencies. Foods high in folic acid include leafy greens, vegetables such as broccoli and carrots, citrus fruits, beans, lentils, seeds and nuts. Eating at least 400 mcg of folic acid can be beneficial to stopping hearing loss.

By adding these vitamins and minerals to your diet, you can improve your hearing and reduce your risk of experiencing hearing problems in Salinas. Just add the recommended foods to your diet to boost the levels of vitamins and minerals needed. For a hearing evaluation, contact Valley Hearing Center today. We offer the latest in hearing technology and will be able to find a hearing solution for you.

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