How Smartphones Work in Conjunction with Hearing Technology in Salinas

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Smart phones are becoming more and more entrenched as a part of our everyday lives every single year. Even just a few years ago, the majority of the population still did not own one. But now, smartphones have become not just our primary means of telephone communication, but also our top tool for browsing the Internet, performing searches, getting directions and a whole lot more.

With the technology evolving at a swift pace, there are many industries that are seeing benefits as a result, one of which is the hearing aid industry. Hearing technology in Salinas has recently gotten a tremendous boost thanks to the rise of smart phones, and in many cases, hearing aids can now be used in conjunction with these pieces of technology. This presents a huge benefit to people who are hearing impaired, as cell phone use could pose some difficulties for them under normal circumstances.

Technological advancements

Through hearing aid capability (HAC), people with hearing loss are able to learn about their potential device’s capabilities before making a purchase decision. For many modern smart phones, they are able to be compatible with hearing aids thanks to a variety of high-level telecoils built into the device, as well as technology that cancels out static and other unwanted noise. Without these pieces of technology, people with hearing aids would likely experience at least a small amount of feedback or static when using cellular devices. Instead, they get to experience unmatched clarity when using the phone.

Smart phones are also better than other regular cell phones and landlines at alerting people when they have a call, a text or any other type of notification. Blinking LED lights, as well as the phone itself lighting up with a photo or “call” symbol, alert users to the presence of a new notification, call or text. This means people with hearing difficulties do not need to rely solely on hearing the ringtone when it goes off—they have visual cues and vibrations as well to help them determine when they need to pick up their phone.

Finally, the visual nature of these phones provides many more options for people with hearing disabilities to eliminate communication barriers. Many apps allow for easier, more visual forms of communication, such as email, texting, instant messaging and more. Other apps allow users to search for subtitles for movies or television shows, which can be extremely helpful when watching with friends or family.

All of these technological advancements through smart phones, as well as many others, have made them a legitimately excellent communication device for people with hearing loss.

Research your best phone options

Thankfully, with these advances in technology, finding the right phone is no longer a major chore for people who experience hearing loss. Before you go out to purchase a phone, do some research online into which will work best in conjunction with your hearing aids.

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