Dining Out and Hearing Better

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Going out to eat, enjoying time with friends, or joining family for a celebratory dinner — these are all things that we all like to enjoy. Anyone with hearing loss knows that all these joyous moments in life become a lot more difficult when a loud, echoey restaurant is added into the mix.

Even if hearing loss is not part of the equation, the noise level of some restaurants can become incredibly noisy and the louder people talk the more tricky it becomes to hear what everyone is saying. But for those with hearing loss all hope is not lost! There are certain ways to navigate and identify the best restaurants to get together with friends and family for a good time.

Below are some excellent ways to improve your dining out experience if hearing loss is a part of your equation:

  1. Ask friends and family.

This tried and true tactic for finding any restaurant is especially advantageous for quiet setting alternatives because friends and family can take your hearing loss into consideration. If your resources are tapped with your immediate family and your close friends, jump on social media and ask for the best quiet restaurant in your area!

  1. Cast a wider net by searching online.

If the usual spots are a bit worn out and you have tried all the best places that friends and family have suggested, hop online! There are resources now that allow searches for  “quiet restaurants” or “noise levels” — a general search on Google can provide you with many options or you could get a more focused search for restaurants on Yelp. Reviews can tell you a lot about a place and there are many others who appreciate a quite setting where conversation can be easily heard.

  1. The decor can tell you everything.

The furniture that fills the room and the curtains that hang on the wall have the ability to absorb a lot of sound that would otherwise bounce off of hard tile or metal decor. Carpet, cushioned chairs and curtains are all excellent indicators of a sound absorbing environment.

  1. Don’t hesitate to tell them exactly what you need.

Whether you have time to call and make a reservation or you walk in off the street it is important to tell the restaurant what you need! This is your first defense — request a quiet location from the staff and you may find that you can have a pleasant time in an otherwise loud restaurant.

  1. Avoid the rush.

Eating early or late will not only save you the frustration of the many conversations and endless noise, but it will also save you the forty-five minute wait!

  1. Join the outside world.

If there is an option to sit outside take it! Weather permitting, one of the best options for cutting out noise and chatter is sitting outside because the sound does not bounce off the walls or ceiling. Many times if you have already told the staff about your needs they will suggest outside seating in order to give you the most pleasant dining experience.

Hearing loss is not the be all end all on your dining out experience, follow these six simple tricks and you may find that taking these steps can lead you to some real gems. If you do not know your hearing loss status but find it difficult to hear conversations or feel overwhelmed in loud, chatty environments please call us today to schedule your free hearing evaluation and join the Valley Hearing Center family!

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