Beware Temporary Hearing Loss in Monterey During Summer Concert Season

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You may be one of those people who loves to attend concert events to see your favorite musical artists up close and personal, but what you’re likely not aware of is that there’s a bigger price to be paid than what’s marked on your admission ticket. No, we’re not talking about the countless dollars you’re sure to spend on merchandise or the cost of taking the next day off of work—we’re talking about the price your hearing is paying during and after your band’s set.

Unfortunately, concert going teenagers and adults often get too close to the music or stay too long in loud concert areas and they end up with some sort of hearing damage by the end of the event. Sure, you might not experience immediate hearing loss in Monterey by going to one or two concerts during the summer, but you will over time.

Did you know that losing your hearing temporarily after attending a concert is not a sign that your ears are damaged but that they are protecting themselves? This short-term deafness may be your body’s way of coping with loud noise, however, this coping mechanism cannot protect against extended periods of loud noise exposure. Acting as a defense mechanism, during loud noise, such as loud concert noises, the cochlea (the auditory portion of the inner ear) releases a hormone to help reduce sound sensitivity. Think of it like this: noise exposure is like sun exposure. It’s not that one time you listen to super loud music that causes hearing issues, it’s the constant loud noise exposure that can cause problems years down the road.

Being overexposed to a constant barrage of noise causes the cochlea to take necessary actions to protect itself by adapting to its noisy surroundings, which is why you are able to withstand constant loud noises without knowing it’s happening. You cannot sense the intensity of the loud noise which causes you to be able to surpass the highest safe sound limit — this will eventually damage your hearing which, next to genetics, can be a reason why hearing becomes an issue as you get older

If you’re a frequent concert-goer, you must take proper precautions to reduce some of this inevitable damage. There is an increasing awareness going around about the importance of hearing loss prevention, for example, damage caused by loud music. The use of earplugs is highly recommended by hearing professionals, as wearing earplugs protects your ears some and still allows you to hear quite a bit. Another proactive approach you can take is to simply not stand too close to the giant speakers. And, if you can, get away from the concert music area for short periods of time for hearing relief or don’t stay for the entire concert.

Summer concerts are fun events for hanging out with friends while listening to your favorite music, but keep in mind that your hearing has the potential to suffer. If you are having auditory issues, contact a local center specializing in hearing loss in Monterey to make an appointment with a professional.

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