Answering Some Questions About Entertainment and Hearing Loss in Monterey in Salinas, CA

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If you or a loved one is currently experiencing hearing loss in Monterey in Salinas, CA, then you likely have a lot of different questions about the various aspects of hearing loss, ranging from the scientific to the emotional. Although questions of enjoying entertainment might not seem very important, many people experiencing hearing loss can be understandably worried that they will no longer be able to enjoy a song from their favorite band, or go to the movies with their friends or loved ones.

To help you get a sense of how one can enjoy audio-based entertainment while experiencing hearing loss in Monterey in Salinas, CA, we have put together this quick guide with answers to some common questions. We hope this proves useful.

Can I still watch movies?

As most people know, watching television while deaf is not particularly difficult. Most television shows, streaming websites, DVDs and BluRay discs all have options for close captions, which allow you to read along.

Things get a bit more complicated when it comes to going to a movie theater. Most movies offer close captioning services for their deaf and hard of hearing patrons, but those services are not necessarily available for every movie or at every showtime. You will still be able to go to the movies, but it might take a bit more planning before hand.

Will I still enjoy music?

In short: yes! Although deaf and hard of hearing people might not be able to enjoy the full range of sounds in a given song, they can still pick up on beats and vibrations, especially when the music is being played at a high volume level. Think of being at a loud rock concert: the main sense is sound, but you can also feel the musical vibrations coming through the speakers. As you lose your hearing, you will likely become better and better at picking up on those bass lines and strong beats.

Are there any deaf or hard of hearing musicians?

There are many deaf and hard of hearing musicians, ranging from those who play for fun and those who have made a career out of it. Billy Hoffman, for example, is a severely hard of hearing country music singer. In fact, he has said that he is only three percent away from being completely deaf. Another hearing-impaired musician is Sean Forbes, a hip-hop artist from Detroit, and is cofounder of The Deaf Professional Arts Network. He became deaf from meningitis as a toddler. The Andy Warhol protégé Nico, meanwhile, was partially deaf and was known to sometimes sing a bit off key as a result. This didn’t stop her from earning critical acclaim as a vocalist on the first album by the Velvet Underground.

Hopefully this information has made you see your hearing loss in Monterey in Salinas, CA in a new light. For more information about ways to continue enjoying music and movies as you lose your hearing, as well as other information related to the process of adapting to hearing loss, please feel free to contact the team at Valley Hearing Center anytime.

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