Hearing Problems Could Be In Your Genes

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When we’re younger, we think that we’re invincible. Our senses are sharp and our athletic prowess is at its best. Unfortunately, as we get age, there are many abilities and functions that can lose their strength. For many, hearing can be dulled or lost. It can become increasingly difficult to understand people in a crowded, noisy place and we may find we need to turn the music or television up higher than we did when we were younger.

While hearing loss may be a natural part of aging, a new study shows that it can also be genetic for some people. The study was conducted by the University of Southern California, and it found that some people were genetically more susceptible to hearing loss from loud noises than others.

While loud noises have long been associated with hearing loss, this is the first time that professionals are beginning to link hearing problems in Salinas, CA, to a genetic predisposition. Occupational hearing loss due to loud noises is one of the most common issues reported in the United States. Soldiers are among the most widely affected, with the Department of Veterans Affairs reporting that hearing loss is one of the most common reasons that veterans receive disability compensation.

Doctors have used genome mapping to single out the related genes in the hopes of finding out why some people are more likely to be affected by loud noises. This type of genetic testing has become increasingly common, as medical researchers have begun to recognize just how many medical issues have a genetic component. By isolating these genes, doctors can hopefully develop further research to find more ways to restore hearing.

Understanding that there is a link between loud noises and hearing problems in Salinas, CA, is only one step. The medical connection is a huge breakthrough in allowing hearing experts to work on reducing the risks. For those who are especially at risk, they can take steps to prevent hearing loss. For those already affected, there are a number of medical options available to help alleviate the problem.

The good news for individuals who are struggling with hearing loss is that they don’t need to know if the problems are genetic in order to pursue medical treatment. People who suspect that they are developing hearing problems in Salinas, CA, can seek audio tests and get fitted for a hearing aid if it is necessary.

Hearing aids have become smaller and more specialized in recent years. This technology is able to restore quality of life for people who are struggling with hearing problems. A simple test and a fitting can be all it takes to get back years of your life with clearing hearing and a richer social experience.

To learn more about audio tests and hearing aid options, consider calling the Valley Hearing Center at 831-422-4427. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and schedule an appointment with a professional audiologist.

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