Missed Our Last BrainHearing Technology Luncheon? Attend a Recap on March 19!

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Did you miss our last BrainHearing Technology luncheon on February 12? If so, don’t worry—the event was such a success that we’ve decided to hold another one this coming March 19! This “Lunch n’ Learn” exploring the latest advances in hearing technology for Salinas, CA residents has become one of our most popular events, and we hope you and your loved ones will come and learn about the connections between memory loss, the brain and hearing loss.

But before you do that, you might want to know a little more about what we’ll be discussing and what you can expect from the event. Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn when you come to our next BrainHearing Technology luncheon.

What is BrainHearing Technology?

Most hearing technologies you’ve come across likely focus only on the ear. There’s a wide range of different hearing aids out there that focus on amplifying volume and helping the ear to pick up more sound vibrations. These hearing technologies do a lot of good for a lot of people, but the problem is that they’re only solving half of the puzzle.

And that’s where BrainHearing Technology comes in: to solve the other half. Hearing doesn’t just happen in our ears—it also happens in our brains. If the brain can’t make sense of what it’s hearing, then it doesn’t much matter how well it can hear. Oticon Inc’s BrainHearing Technology is one of the first hearing technologies on the market to approach hearing from a “brain first” standpoint.

Studies have shown links between memory loss and hearing loss. BrainHearing Technology works to send the clearest, purest possible sound signals to the brain so that it is as easy as possible for it to decode the sounds. This might sound a bit complicated, but we’ll go over it in much more detail at the luncheon.

What can I expect from the luncheon?

When you come to learn about the latest in hearing technology at the Salinas, CA Holiday Inn Express, you’ll receive a lot of information and benefits. First of all, your reservation will entitle you and a companion to a complementary lunch, as well as a seminar exploring the ways BrainHearing Technology might be right for you. You’ll even get a free hearing screening to determine the sharpness of your ears and your mind!

If you do decide you’re interested in trying BrainHearing Technology for yourself, we’re happy to give you a special one-week trial. That way you can see how Brain Technology works for you without making a big financial commitment first. If, after your trial week, you decide that you’d like to keep using BrainHearing Technology, we might be able to set you up with 0% financing, depending on whether you qualify.

Whether or not you end up using BrainHearing Technology for yourself, our next luncheon is sure to be a fascinating look at how hearing is connected to the brain, and if nothing else, you’ll walk out knowing a little more than when you came in. If this sounds worthwhile to you, be sure to secure your reservation today!

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